Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bank holiday , new sounds!


I haven't updated my blog in more than a month *gasp* guess that I preferred chatting online and emailing.

also , I've been busier..and moreover , last week I was sick with fever and no CI as I was in bed all day...

Yesterday I was well enough to go to speech lesson..I wore the Freedom...*gasp* guess that when u don't wear the implant for a while , it is too loud after..hmm!

After Speech therapy I went to Theo's place , to finish her airplane , and also to get some pictures done..while I was walking to the bus stop , I could hear the frogs at the field after the road.LOL do they sound moaning or ghosts!!guess that is mating season here..

Today here it is bank holiday , which means there was a parade this morning , and tradition is to eat fish and hang the Greek flag in porches n balconies( not here.I'm eating lentil soup as I'm still with a cold..LOL! ).it also means that every shop is shut down, so I forgot to buy my meds , had to search last night for an open pharmacist.

Oh , and also I learnt a new word in English..LOL thanks Mei Mei :P I still giggle every time I remember it!!every time I do that , I get still that giggle after..u've ruined my moaning LOL!

Although I do miss some online chats..

OH and also....Lil Bee has her birthday today!! Happy Birthday !!!

Oh , and the book I was waiting to get is published I Don't Believe my Ears!...It went to my list of must buying when I am able to!

I already have Val Blakely's book , I'm all ears and I plan to get I Don't Believe my Ears!,Rally Caps, Ellie's Ears and Happy Birthday to my Ears, Unheard. So you can imagine that I'll spend a fair bit of money here and there.

Oh and I also got an Canon PowerShot SX10IS camera , to replace my old one that got stolen back in November.I was ogling it right from the start, but I didn't dare buy it , as I reasoned with myself that I do not really need that camera , and to look somewhere lower at price range.But I finally gave in , and , boy , I LOVE that I did buy it , pictures are AWESOME! been tinkering with the settings , trying to learn the only complaint is that sometimes flash is too much!! I try to tinker with ISO speeds , and it works without flash as a charm!

I hope I can find a tutorial that is specific for the camera I have , explaining the differences with ISO and whatnot.I'll ask to the store I bought the camera from when I have some time.Also , that camera has an amazing power reserve , my other camera used AA batteries too , but they tended to run out quickly.these are STILL going strong!!! I got some 300 pictures this week , most were deleted though LOL so in my memory card I have only 100 LOL!

I'm off to do some collegework and later maybe find an ISO tutorial!