Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Which part of not hearing , they don't get?

WARNING : a mini rant ahead.Yes.so , if you are officially disgusted from rants , please go elsewhere.Duly noted.

You still here?

Gosh..well , let me start...( and tell me if I get out of hand , please )

So , last night I was enjoying my chatting online ( as much as I could , that is , as I was feeling a bit miserable from something else ) and generally having a blast in chatting and surfing..When a chat popped up in Greek :

" (name removed ) : Hey , how are you? "
" Me : I'm good , but been better.What about you ? "
"(name removed ) : I'm good , just tired from yada yada yada.Hey , check out this song! "
" Me : I'll save it to listen to it later , probably tomorrow."
" (name removed) : Why? this song is pretty awesome! "
( me in the background , trying to not gnash my teeth )
" Me : well , my ear's off , as I'm not feeling too well , plus I always remove it by 11 pm ( it was closer to 1 am then ) and stick it in the dehumidifier.So , I'll get you back on that."
" ( name removed ) : But I thought you were hearing now.What's the point of having the op if you do not hear"
( what ? I DO hear , I just did not want to hear THAT particular moment , plus , CI isn't THAT sort of a miracle that will let you hear at all times.I'm still deaf )
" Me : ( insert a long winded explanation about the limits of CI , but explaining it still is a miracle and I have choices when to wear it and when not.Insert example of next doors construction which has been driving everyone batty but me , as I can plop my ear off , yada yada.Plus still deaf as a wall.I just hear a heckuva better than pre-CI.)"
" (name removed) : but just hear the song.it's awesome"
" Me : (irked) which part of my explanation did not get?(choice word here , as I'm losing my patience ). "
" (name removed) : uhhhh , why are you pissed off with me?Did I do anything. "
( me just goes offline at that particular person.Gotta love the appear offline at THAT person in MSN Messenger )

At that point I ranted to a CI friend , who calmed me down , but I still am annoyed with (name removed).
Maybe if I pretended to my friends that CI doesn't work , they would leave me alone.Yeah.Problem's that I'm too honest.And that I always celebrate every little sound.And I want EVERYONE to know it.
When will I get over my ire?Who knows?Which might be , ten minutes later , a day later , or a week later , or never.We'll see.

You see , I can forgive pretty much a lot of things , but being thick , isn't one in my list.Sorry.

rant over.

And since I'm talking about loving to hear.What I'm loving this time , is just talking with my nephew.I'll talk to him , and he'll babble back to me.When he does that , I just want to eat him up.

And , I just know he'll accept me , deaf or no deaf , as I'm his auntie and he knows , even now , in his baby-ness , that I love him entirely to bits.

Good morning to you!