Thursday, March 31, 2011

Help little Luca to hear!

A few days ago , I was browsing in FB aimlessly , as I was on a short vacation at my parents'.

I stumbled on this Greek note , which I've translated in English for my English-reading friends.

Poor kid..I'm copy-pasting here my translated note off FB , in order to help him as much as I can.


Little Luka is a 3 year old kid from Bulgaria , Europe , that was born deaf.The past two years he got implanted with cochlear implants in his both ears so he can hear.Unfortunately , he lost one of his processors the day of his bilateral surgery , and the company told them there is no loss warranty for his cochlear implant processors and no warranty.If the money aren't collected , little Luka will not be able to hear from his new ear ( he currently wears the new processor on his old ear ) and the processor costs 5,000 € which is an insurmountable amount for the family.Help however you can , every donation will help.

I personally verified his family's story, and it is a genuine plea for help.His new ear's activation is April 15th , and he needs it to start therapy and mappings!

The account number is :02/0000000019288077

IBAN: BG85STSA93000019288077



DSK BANK bulgaria

The money is in a closed account that will be accessible for withdraw only from the cochlear implant representatives in Bulgaria , so Luka can get a new processor.Please share and help , even 5 euro will help to get to the goal.

FYI - the Bulgaria's currency is the leva , which is weaker than the euro, which is to the kid's advantage!

I wish he can hear...!