Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bullet list - an excuse to jump from topic to topic without preamble!

I haven't written anything for awhile..I've been a bit busy , and when I had time I wasn't in a creative/writing , I didn't have anything to write about..

So I'll bullet some things...

  • I got my braces in two weeks ago.They feel a bit weird.
  • I decorated my Christmas tree a week ago.I usually do it a LOT earlier usually it is up by Dec 1st , but it was really warm , and I was feeling like an Australian ( no offence to my Aussie friends! ) so I didn't decorate earlier.
  • I didn't even had layed the carpets , but I did one this weekend with my mom helping.And promptly falling over it.I tripped.Yeah.Carpet rash is unbecoming.Not to mention that without glasses I can't see where the CI went.Stupid living room carpet.Now I''m in no rush to do the other rooms!
  • I'm not in a Christmassy mood - usually I am the biggest fan of Christmas..just because I like the trees the music , the mood.Even the family visit for a week and a half with them , then going up to Athens to see my friends there and celebrate.But this year , I'm not in the mood.I just want to stay in my apt and pretend there is no holiday.Hope that changes in few days.
  • CI moment #1 I could hear creaking floorboards in the laundry / guest room combo.And it drove me nuts.And I was chuffed I was hearing it.And chuckling because it drove me nuts.
  • I broke my nice pair of glasses.and I can't find a place here that can fix them.
  • CI moment #2 I can hear the doorbell consistently now.No whining about it anymore. Turned out that I accidentally turned up my Sensitivity and that was the trick.What was going on.Also , my mother was getting up every time the doorbell was rung , so I could assiocate the sound.Weird thing , my brain!
  • I had some troubles lately.I'm tired of always having something urgent to do.
  • Speech therapy gets easy for me.I 've started getting a little bored with the repetitive pattern.But I try to do my exercises and move forward.Plus I can hear counting in Greek and distinguish up to 100.I can hear the bus stops even when I'm zoned out.Now we're working on correcting my pronounciation.That has a downside to that.When my mother used to correct me , I'd always get annoyed.And I still get annoyed.I have to work on that if I want to improve my pronounciation.That's not the best job to do over the holidays.
  • CI moment #3 I can always now tell when my phone goes off.I can hear landline phone fron ANYWHERE in the apartment.I'll try to turn down the volume and start over..Neighbours don't complain much abt the sound as they know I need it.I can hear my cell phone from my bag if it's ringing.I can hear the text ping if I have it on the coffee table.
  • I tried the other day to make some recipe with pita bread.The only edible thing was the pita bread.LOL.Then I smiled as I remembered a friend that LOVES pita bread...Hi if you're reading this!
  • I'm having a row of bad days...I don't know..and I'm astral-challenged.I don't even read my horoscope.Some of my friends claim that is because Venus or Zeus or some planet or other is in a bad position and that won't shift until end of January next year.I.just.give.them.the.look...
  • The last week I inevitably make something that will be with pita bread.Apparently steak goes pretty well with pita bread baked 5 mins on the oven , sprinkled with oregano and some olive oil.Forget french's just so easier throwing the pita bread in the last 8 mins of steak cooking.Forget about having to get at 9 am to get proper bread.I just get frozen pita breads from the store.That's Alexandra's fault.Hmm I'm going to go bake some more pita bread.(Plus , you know , pita bread doesn't stick to braces , you know ? )
  • I'm again addicted to a tv show.That is usually an on and off relationship with the tv.I can go days without even switching the tv on , and to me it's just one more decor on the corner of the living room.Then I happen to just want some hearing company..and ..WHAM I'll get hung on some show..This summer was Extreme Home Makeover with Ty.After September I wasn't so keen on watching it anymore , partly because I had always something to do.Now it's December and I'm hung on some show they imported from Turkey.Good old drama soap opera ( I used to hate soap operas , what's that? ) but something about the different ways they do things addicts me.Plus , the place I grew up has quite a bit of Turks.I don't know much words but I'm used to hearing it in odd snatches when I went out with my family.Let's see when my interest will drop off that.
  • Today I'm crass with my CI.I just wore it for speech therapy and the walk to there and back home.As soon as I got in I threw it on the hallway table.But it's not a mapping's that I'm in bad mood as I explained above.Today the random receiver was my CI.
  • I'm just annoyed.With my building neighbours.They decided to get a new carpet for the entrance stairs.And to change the tiny lift which needs apparently replacing which didn't ever break down.I don't use that thing regularly , but I do notice when they have notes on it that it doesn't works.Hello , we have credit crunch?Plus , the torrential rains and leaking umbrellas are absolutely going to stain the new carpet.
  • I just watch all the CI blogs and I'm happy for any progression/funny stories they share.I just am kinda jealous too because my own progression is slow as snails.
  • Plus , my laptop needs a serious formatting on its hard drive , but I just can't face it.But in the meantime it's slow as anything and it's tedious work.You know..first saving up stuff , bookmarks , uncluttering too in the way, then doing the format/reinstall OS , then you go and install everything else.Then you realize you forgot some vital program , and you have to install it and reboot.install and reboot.Gets kinda repetitive , isn't it ?
  • CI moment #4 I can now hear without looking what two particular tv commercials say without looking.Both of them are about adult beverages.Erm , maybe I need to get out more?
That was quite a long bullet list , isn't it?