Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bullet list - an excuse to jump from topic to topic without preamble!

I haven't written anything for awhile..I've been a bit busy , and when I had time I wasn't in a creative/writing , I didn't have anything to write about..

So I'll bullet some things...

  • I got my braces in two weeks ago.They feel a bit weird.
  • I decorated my Christmas tree a week ago.I usually do it a LOT earlier usually it is up by Dec 1st , but it was really warm , and I was feeling like an Australian ( no offence to my Aussie friends! ) so I didn't decorate earlier.
  • I didn't even had layed the carpets , but I did one this weekend with my mom helping.And promptly falling over it.I tripped.Yeah.Carpet rash is unbecoming.Not to mention that without glasses I can't see where the CI went.Stupid living room carpet.Now I''m in no rush to do the other rooms!
  • I'm not in a Christmassy mood - usually I am the biggest fan of Christmas..just because I like the trees the music , the mood.Even the family visit for a week and a half with them , then going up to Athens to see my friends there and celebrate.But this year , I'm not in the mood.I just want to stay in my apt and pretend there is no holiday.Hope that changes in few days.
  • CI moment #1 I could hear creaking floorboards in the laundry / guest room combo.And it drove me nuts.And I was chuffed I was hearing it.And chuckling because it drove me nuts.
  • I broke my nice pair of glasses.and I can't find a place here that can fix them.
  • CI moment #2 I can hear the doorbell consistently now.No whining about it anymore. Turned out that I accidentally turned up my Sensitivity and that was the trick.What was going on.Also , my mother was getting up every time the doorbell was rung , so I could assiocate the sound.Weird thing , my brain!
  • I had some troubles lately.I'm tired of always having something urgent to do.
  • Speech therapy gets easy for me.I 've started getting a little bored with the repetitive pattern.But I try to do my exercises and move forward.Plus I can hear counting in Greek and distinguish up to 100.I can hear the bus stops even when I'm zoned out.Now we're working on correcting my pronounciation.That has a downside to that.When my mother used to correct me , I'd always get annoyed.And I still get annoyed.I have to work on that if I want to improve my pronounciation.That's not the best job to do over the holidays.
  • CI moment #3 I can always now tell when my phone goes off.I can hear landline phone fron ANYWHERE in the apartment.I'll try to turn down the volume and start over..Neighbours don't complain much abt the sound as they know I need it.I can hear my cell phone from my bag if it's ringing.I can hear the text ping if I have it on the coffee table.
  • I tried the other day to make some recipe with pita bread.The only edible thing was the pita bread.LOL.Then I smiled as I remembered a friend that LOVES pita bread...Hi if you're reading this!
  • I'm having a row of bad days...I don't know..and I'm astral-challenged.I don't even read my horoscope.Some of my friends claim that is because Venus or Zeus or some planet or other is in a bad position and that won't shift until end of January next year.I.just.give.them.the.look...
  • The last week I inevitably make something that will be with pita bread.Apparently steak goes pretty well with pita bread baked 5 mins on the oven , sprinkled with oregano and some olive oil.Forget french's just so easier throwing the pita bread in the last 8 mins of steak cooking.Forget about having to get at 9 am to get proper bread.I just get frozen pita breads from the store.That's Alexandra's fault.Hmm I'm going to go bake some more pita bread.(Plus , you know , pita bread doesn't stick to braces , you know ? )
  • I'm again addicted to a tv show.That is usually an on and off relationship with the tv.I can go days without even switching the tv on , and to me it's just one more decor on the corner of the living room.Then I happen to just want some hearing company..and ..WHAM I'll get hung on some show..This summer was Extreme Home Makeover with Ty.After September I wasn't so keen on watching it anymore , partly because I had always something to do.Now it's December and I'm hung on some show they imported from Turkey.Good old drama soap opera ( I used to hate soap operas , what's that? ) but something about the different ways they do things addicts me.Plus , the place I grew up has quite a bit of Turks.I don't know much words but I'm used to hearing it in odd snatches when I went out with my family.Let's see when my interest will drop off that.
  • Today I'm crass with my CI.I just wore it for speech therapy and the walk to there and back home.As soon as I got in I threw it on the hallway table.But it's not a mapping's that I'm in bad mood as I explained above.Today the random receiver was my CI.
  • I'm just annoyed.With my building neighbours.They decided to get a new carpet for the entrance stairs.And to change the tiny lift which needs apparently replacing which didn't ever break down.I don't use that thing regularly , but I do notice when they have notes on it that it doesn't works.Hello , we have credit crunch?Plus , the torrential rains and leaking umbrellas are absolutely going to stain the new carpet.
  • I just watch all the CI blogs and I'm happy for any progression/funny stories they share.I just am kinda jealous too because my own progression is slow as snails.
  • Plus , my laptop needs a serious formatting on its hard drive , but I just can't face it.But in the meantime it's slow as anything and it's tedious work.You know..first saving up stuff , bookmarks , uncluttering too in the way, then doing the format/reinstall OS , then you go and install everything else.Then you realize you forgot some vital program , and you have to install it and reboot.install and reboot.Gets kinda repetitive , isn't it ?
  • CI moment #4 I can now hear without looking what two particular tv commercials say without looking.Both of them are about adult beverages.Erm , maybe I need to get out more?
That was quite a long bullet list , isn't it?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just Smile and Laugh

As soon as I hit publish , I noticed it was past midnight.

I'm officialy 18 months post implant.Post surgery.Wow! Time sure flies.

As I've been noticing it , I recalled a conversation I had awhile was when I was 6 months implanted.

I was at speech therapy , and there was a boy with an implant and we chatted with his mom.

Me : How old is he?
Her : He'll be nine yrs old.
Me : ( Genuinely curious ) How many months does he has the implant?
Her : Erm he's had it , seven years.
Me : ( getting a surprised face ) Wow , I can't imagine even having my implant THAT long!I can't even imagine myself hitting the one year mark.

She laughs along with everyone else in there.I did make myself sound stupid, yeah , but I simply couldn't imagine something like that.I couldn't wrap my mind around that.

Now I can.:) perspective has sure changed in a year!

Where you ever in my position , not imagining having the implant THAT long , or it's just me?

Also I want to say..

18 months ago I was waking up from surgery and feeling my head...and was feeling so confused.I felt like I was DRUGGED.Saw weird dreams.LOL.

18 months ago I can remember the hope I felt.and I still feel it.only that now it's accompanied with a sense of achievement.

I'll make a long list with what I can hear and can't maybe tomorrow.Now it's time to sit back and smile.

Smile at my blunders.Smile at my successes.Smile at my nerves I had 18 months ago.Yeah I was a bundle of nerves and was walking ALL OVER the hospital.NO KIDDING!!Smile to the new friends I made bc of the CI ( Hello Laura , Mei Mei , Char Char , Tammy , Rachel to just name a few ).Smile at my apprehension of using Facebook but I did , wanting to connect with the CI community more.Smile because after hospital I did try to research every website.Smile remembering my first chats with everyone.No I don't keep logs , but I have a good memory.

Most of all I'm smiling down to the sweetest faces I can finally hear.*smoooch*

And I'm laughing.To life.To me and my blunders.I did drop the kitchen curtain y'day , did I tell you? well it did an awful clatter!and I had to laugh , first for me being clumsy , second for hearing it , third for just the joy of hearing myself laugh.

And I do hope I made you laugh!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Which I've been letting the blog slide waaaay back..

Oooops..I sure forgot I have blogs to maintain..well life gotten busier..

And anyway I didn't have much to post about lately..Plus my weekend started out early as I've been knocked out from the spacers..

I did say I'm getting braces sometime this month , but , they had to put spacers first and they bloody hurt..Not to mention that I'm always flexing and tightening my jaw , a bad habit that I always was said that I have to stop..well with the pain I had to cut it right back...

It's weird , with four teeth removed , I certainly thought the worst was behind me..not so..apparently moving your teeth and irritating your gums isn't too cool either! I certainly was getting to get cold feet last night , not to mention day before last.On top of that I had back pains.Yeah , this time of month always decides to come when I'm most miserable and glee on me.Weird , I the last two days I've been complaining non stop on FB and to my friends , so I think they all cleared off me till I manage to say I'm back to!

I'm not really normal , but I'm feeling better as long as I keep my mouth a bit open.Next Thursday I get the braces fitted I think, so there's a sure fire way of cutting my bad habit! I hope I get back to normal real soon , I'm sick of wondering what to eat and try to munch without hurting.

I also became a bit lazy around here and I didn't picked after myself , so my apartment looks like a tornado was through it! I have to get through a LOT of laundry and ironing.

On speech therapy , I'm going better and better , although I should get a mapping sometime soon as I'm starting to notice a decrease.I'll have to schedule that after I'm finished with the braces.Maybe sometime before the holidays.Phone calls sure are easier.The weird thing is that I hear pretty well when I'm with my cellphone , when my landling I can't hear crap.and I have a special phone from my HA days..Go figure.I'll have to get a normal landline and make comparisions.I was bummed though to cancel speech yesterday but I was feeling really miserable.I'll have to reschedule that appointment and I expect I'll have to cancel next Fri too.I don't know if I'll go on Monday either , I'm waiting to see how I'm feeling and if I can talk and eat normal.

Also with braces we'll have to stop the oral motor exercises for a little while , dunno how long.we'll see.I've been trying them now and they don't cause me any discomfort except that one I was failing anyway to do, so I think I'm good to go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nucleus 5 and the Cochlear Store

I might be late but at first I wanted to make my own post when Nucleus 5 is going to be in Greece.

But I can't wait! *smile*

I want to place my musings on that..

- After some asking around ( I even asked Cochlear offices here by email and they didn't know anything about it , will ask my audie when I next see him ) I deduced that anything that gets approved at US will be two years down the line for Greece.Freedom has been in the market for US around to five or six years ( can't recall exactly ) and it got approved in Greece two years down the line.Maybe this one will be speedier ( I hope so ) but I won't hold my breath yet.

Oh ok , everyone knows that I am holding it.

Frankly - lighter processor ? with all the trouble I keep having with my Freedom for me is a reason alone to upgrade!

A remote control ? it gets better! I like being flexible and not having to remember all combinations of buttons for this and that ( I remember them yeah , but that is not the point ) and have instant troubleshooting.

LiteWear? that gets me even excited.Granted , it might not be for me ( I hope! )

Seperate cable coil and cable button ? Wow.Just even better.And the lengths are the same money!I peeked into Cochlear Store..they're all $95 regardless of the length! And the coil button - you can have just the one and change the lengths however you like.a definite plus as I utilise shoulderworn a lot.And these cables can easily be tucked away in a small pouch that I have for most cables ( mp3 , cell , etc )

The two battery option even has me hooked.Although there IS going to be a rechargeable sold and soon as it gets FDA approved it is going to be available

What was most dissapointing though was that there weren't much pictures.The only thing I managed to see was the Remote Assistant and the magnets for the coil ( they remind me of a clock by the way )

Also - the Freedom Cochlear Store has O-rings for sale for the rechargeable batteries and they are...a WHOPPING $2!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! My brown battery became useless a few days ago..and I put an O-ring from a battery cage I had lying around.

Greece , approve it already so I can start insurance authorization to get the new one...Yea , I'm impatient *grin*

I also need to shout out to Tammy who sent me some Topstick tape for free to try it out! She's the best!Thanks dear ,and do give a big kiss to Aiden!He is a precious!

*sigh* I am going to order some Freedom things I need and I wish it would be my last order..but it wont..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Progress in Listening

I haven't been posting my progress at all lately..shame on me!

Hmmm what to write what to write....

In two days I'll be one month away from being 18 months time sure flies!

In speech therapy I've been doing oral motor exercises although I laugh sometimes in some of them because I find them a bit funny! I also started doing phone exercises.I have a text in front of me and my therapist has the same one..and we communicate via the phone in seperate rooms.Today's room was a bit creepy though, it was underlighted...

is the hardest right now , and I'm told not to use telecoil at all..hmmmm..any thoughts on that?

I also was suggested to start again studying on my electronic piano so I can distinguish tones ( I used to study the piano when I was in junior high , then stopped when went to high school..not much time. ) I'll have to get my parents to send it to me or bring it next time they come over.

My progress has me pleased and I'm also looking for fairy tales accompanied with CD audio.When I'm done with them I'll donate them somewhere or give them to kids!I might even start little Sophia to read to me something simple while I try to listen next time I visit!it will be challenging to listen to a little kids voice!When I was wearing my hearing aid I couldn't hear little Sophia's voice and I utilised lipreading a lot! I also had her sister help me a bit , but the little baby figured out she'd get more favors if she spoke deeply.Haha, the little devil!Now I can hear her but I can't listen so I still use lipreading.

After some comments - some well meaning and some expert too saying that, but also a couple have demoralizing me , I decided to put on braces.That will be probably sometime in November!

Also , the other day I was listening to some greek YouTube song..and I managed with some help to decipher the wording and I could even understand where the singer was stressing the word! that had me excited..maybe I need to do that more often!

Friday, October 9, 2009


I went to Athens again for a friends' wedding , via the daytime train chugged due south , I enjoyed the scenery that was rolling from thw window , listening to music that was spewing from my PSP ( which I use as an mp3 player ) when suddenly the music first I didn't even investigate it , thinking I was between songs.

As the pause grew longer , I thought that maybe my PSP had turned itself off.Weird , as I had taken care of charging it fully the night before , in preparation for the 4 hour ride.So I opened my bag , only to see that it was still actively playing..

What had happened? at first I thought..Hmm faulty coil? as I searched my head for the magnet that adorns my hair , I couldn't find it.My coil had popped off without me even getting wind of it.

That was unnerving me , as I had become used to the constant tugging of the coil.That made me wonder.What is the right way to wear the coil ? When you feel a little tightness or when you don't feel it at all and only thing to notice it has popped off is the clue you don't hear anymore?

What made me chuckle was that I immediately didn't even think to investigate the CI , but my music player first and then I did remember it.

Maybe it is finally becoming something I'm not anymore conscious of.Is that good or bad? I don't know , the only thing that I know is that makes me feel like I've achieved some step at last!

If only the weight problem could be magically rectified , I'd be happy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A vote that led to unrelated things.

Greece has been in upheaval since Sept 4th when the ex-Prime Minister announced the start of elections.

The tv spouted election spots.Vote that one , this one etc.I always switched the tv channel when they got them on.Panelists were discussing about the wings that might win.Shouting was the proper word , but let's keep things civil here *grin*

The culmination was this weekend when voting was started.Voting stations are at schools , which finish the week a day early , so they can prepare the classrooms for votees.They remove all the desks , and keep only two - three for the voting leaflets ( yes we do it the old fashioned way ) and for the box were you put your envelope with your secret decision.

My family and I went on Sunday afternoon to vote.And that led to some other thoughts of mine , that are totally unrelated.

We went in to a school that was our assigned voting station, at the village that I am descended from my fathers' side.Me , my mother , my father and my brother.We found the classroom that we were supposed to vote in ( a few years ago , they were segegrated by sex.Now we're segegrated by alphabet letter our surnames start with. ) and the voting comitee that was looking in the books for names requested our ID's.And thats when I noticed I was hearing horribly.As I gave my ID card , I looked around the classroom.It was mostly empty except for three desks lined up.And the sound bounced everywhere.Plain white walls.Marble floors that cleaned up easily but were horrible for sound bouncing.Not much furniture.No carpet.

And after reading much blogs that had exactly that on their blogs, something clicked.I marveled that I was really struggling when I went to school.And I didn't knew that some factor had to do with the environment.Most of all the sound was a bit horrible.When it was my turn to vote I could hear from inside the curtain someone stamping some papers and it sounded 10 times more loud.I was glad to make my escape.W

But while I was taking my ride home , I suddenly realized that there ARE a lot of HOH and deaf kids across the country , and are really struggling here.The FM systems here are an unknown entity.And if they were known , the school system wouldn't provide them.The parents have to get them ( and it's not affordable thing ) and I wondered whether the FM system would help it or make worse the bouncing.Especially the ones that offer amplification to the whole class and are not personal like the Microlink from Phonak.

I'm eagerly waiting your thoughts.I'd love to try something or have someone try an amplification device in a similar setting and share his/her experience.Would it be okay? Would it be as horrible as I imagine ?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I need to vent...

I just need to get it off..

Sometimes some days are GREAT with my CI.

Others are not so great but I cope.Because I want to hear!

Some days I'm so thankful for the chance to hear again and to be able , just today , to discriminate some words from the tv.Or other things on other days.

But my progress has been slow and frustrating.Maybe my audie needs to get a better map for me.Maybe he isn't competent enough.Maybe I'm just one of the tricky patients.Or maybe I should speak up more on mapping points.

Another aspect is that nobody warns you about the changes , transitions.Not the ones from the sound , but the change from Hearing aids to CI BTE's.

I went from a Widex hearing aid Senso+ P38 ( I don't know how powerful it was , but I had it for 10 years , and it worked well for me.Served me well.Before that I couldn't even imagine talking on the phone , not to mention other things. ) which I have still in a drawer , in it's case , like I used to do every night.I can't even give it away to Lion's Heart or something similar, just to help people , because I'm still emotionally attached to it.

I still expect to wear my Senso, even if I'm 16 months implanted , and going.

But I also remember one thing clearly.That my hearing aid used to be so light.I couldn't feel it at all.

Or maybe I'm not attached to my CI yet.Maybe it is because it's so troublesome.Or it is maybe because I had it less than two years.( For anyone wondering , I'm just a person that doesn't do anything if she's not emotionally attached to it.Just because.Especially when it comes to something that I will have for life.)

When my CI was on my ear , it was still SO numb that I couldn't feel the weight.You see , I was activated soon after CI op ( something close to 3-7 days , I can't remember , and I can't be bothered right now to check )

I was feeling like my ear was going down a few days later.No , my actual ear , not my hearing.That's when I googled on CI blogs.I found an unimaginable trove of information , and a lot more.Before my CI operation I had logged on CI brands homepages and researched.My choice was obvious , because I didn't like MEDEL ( it was the only other option offered to me ) and I tried to contact the CI people in Greece.We even have a club.Which, is not active.the webpage wasn't even functional.their forum wouldn't let you register.UGH!

When I heard that activation abroad was a month later , I was floored.I also started to suspect that my early activation might be the culprit for all my ear troubles.

Because when I'm pulling my CI , I don't feel relieved because I can relax.Or that I can have some peace.I feel relieved , well , because I think , there goes the weight off my ear.

I tried the shoulderworn approach.It was very helpful and useful.( Thanks Kylie ) but , I'm so used to wear something on my ear that I don't feel right.Also that isn't workable anymore because I lost both of my pouches that Kylie generously provided me.

I decided to order a Snugfit when I went to get my controller replaced.The office that represents Cochlear in Greece , didn't have any in stock.It had only a child sized pair.They had to order some from Switzerland.I ordered a brown large pair.They wanted to be paid upfront.I told them I will pay on delivery because I need my money for going back home ( I was on Athens after having to see Rachel off from airport ).Also I had dealt with other companies like these that always promised delivery , got your money , and then they couldn't even recall the order.UGH.So they promised to deliver it.I ordered them to be delivered at my parents home, so they can sign it off and get it.Because of my mapping that I can't hear my $^%& doorbell to get the delivery.And on the estimated dates , I was supposed to be on a day trip somewhere.

Well big surprise here.The snugfit , two weeks later hasn't been delivered either here or my parents' home.They promised a four day delivery at the very least.

and today I snapped.My ear started again tingling and stating that it had enough.I got CI off, switched it off , twisted controller off and wore it again like that.Just the processor, without the controller part.And I feel like bliss , but I also feel like I want to hear.And that drives me crazy.

I can wear the full BTE for four to five hours without my ear complaining.After that all bets are off.

I even go without CI when I'm home , just to not have to think about it.Everybody that has seen me , can attest to it.

I always planned to get a babyworn cord , because here in Greece we don't have backup CI's.And I like being able to get the BTE when I go out.But somehow , it gets on the backburner.I have to pay for that bill.I have to repair something.

Maybe I had a bad week and I'm getting it off on the CI.Who knows.The thing that I know right now is that my ear approves from just the processor on the ear , that says that is just right.

Maybe Cochlear should provide with everything in their box.Even a babyworn even if it's for adults box.Snugfits.

Some insurances won't cover for anything else except the CI operation you see.And CI's are expensive.

Even the Coil costs double the price here.Even the setup for Babyworn.

and I'm back on plain batteries because I shouldn't have brought my charger in that sucky hotel.Now it's not working right , and I found it was the power cord which needs to get replaced.

My coil is giving signs of dying out , it starts to crackle.Thankfully someone sent me a free coil a while ago, out of her heart's goodness.Hi yourself if you're reading that!

I also want to pay someone back , but my bank is giving me trouble with paying back abroad.

I also had a nightmare experience when I had to go to a private practice to get my teeth x-rayed.I had to get a front and a side xray.I removed my CI.Immediately my ear went like WHEW the weight is off.That just made me feel inadequate.and I couldn't hear.Then I was told in no uncertain terms that I have to remove my glasses.Well , I removed them.The lady kept talking to me.I couldn't see her clearly enough to lipread so I put them back on.She was cross.I told her that I'm deaf already, and without my glasses , I'm all but blind as I can't see her well enough to lipread her.She was cross but I stood my ground.She finally saw my point so I sat on the xray machine while she directed me.when I was all set she went you can get them off.I got them off , but the little squabble added to my frustration.I was pleasant and everything , but inside I was fuming to myself for feeling inadequate enough.

At least I scared the xray people with seeing a cord thing in my side xray.That was the ground wire or the electrode.LOL.The doctor came back outside and asked me what the hell was that did I wear anything on my hair.Then he stopped on his tracks as he saw my hair was so short that no ornament could have sat there.I told him about CI operation and raised some awareness.He was interested to learn that.He wanted to ask more but he had to xray more people.*smile*
And I had to pay in the front desk for the xrays.*grumble*

Greece has a lot of expensive things AND bureaucracy.

Right now I just want to forget where I'm living.To forget that I have the farmer's insurance in Greece , which is the WORSE insurance in Greece.It won't even cover ANY of my dental plans ( much less any of CI related stuff , except for CI operation ) , and I discovered it this afternoon , it definitely won't cover the braces I need.Or the wisdom teeth removal that I'll go under in Nov.So my family has to fork over the money , just because.

Whew , I feel a lot better.But I also don't want to burden anyone else.Sorry.But I just want to take it off.

I just hope tomorrow will be in a positive way.Or I just had a particular bad day.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A visit ,a cracked processor and a lot of thoughts.

A few weeks ago I had a visit from the fabulous Rachel Chaikof who is very vibrant and nice - I think I made another friend.

Everyone knows that Rachel is a great advocate for CI's.She also is bilateral ( something that is exceedingly rare in Greece , although I can hear some scattered bilaterals here and there in Greece.), and she has been giving me tips on advocating and I've been telling her all about the situation here.

Here is me and Rachel on the Castles of Salonica , a place at the upper parts of Thessaloniki.This pic was taken with permission from her site

I had a lot of fun with Rachel, but about pics and places - go to her site she has about traveling.

We went to Thessaloniki's places and we also tried Athitos ( or Afitos as we Greeks say it , that place has two names ) , Rachel , remember the old granny? LOL. We also went to Athens and Acropolis and a lot of other places.I wish she could visit again sometimes so we can plan more trips around here.She made me see my country with new eyes....

I also had the chance to see someone that is bilateral, because as I said earlier , that practice here is non- existent, although I've been wanting that for myself , but I can't afford it.

I noticed a LOT of differences , and I'm certainly going to try and go bilateral.I am waiting on an email from my insurance that I'm pretty sure it will come back negative.But I've been persuaded after ONE trip to port bay where I couldn't hear ANYTHING while she could hear me so good that I was floored , and I had a lot of thinking about it.

Rachel also tries a lot of things that I don't try , such as Telecoil - which was pretty disastrous with my hearing aid - all I could hear was noise and nothing else , and it's been the same when I first tried my CI.The culprit now was my laptop fan which overwhelms everything else , I tried using it in buses , and other places when I'm away from laptop , and to my surprise it works better than I was expecting!

She also suggested to go for a better map and I'm certainly going to do that after elections occur ( right now I have no desire to trek down to CI centre and get nightmare traffic jams , I'm not that masohistic! )

I was so pleased to meet Rachel and I hope she comes again sometimes , she certainly is welcome here.We also share the love of knowing new CI implantees , which I do here in Greece.Right now I'm in the proccess of helping a new candidate take the decision for her implant ( she's going for Cochlear too ) and helping her with a lot of advice.

I certainly feel more enriched and with a different perspective , and although she's certainly gone through so much and still have a vibrant smile , made me want to do the same and try and make some changes.

On other news , while Rachel was here , the Nucleus 5 was unveiled , which got me pretty excited.I also posed the question to Cochlear forums when that is going to be approved in Greece and I was directed to Damplaid Inc , which is the representative of Cochlear here in Greece.UGH!

Cochlear needs to open its own offices here in Greece , Damplaid is taking advantage of having the representacy and has pretty high prices.But that is certainly something I've blogged about.

Also I've stopped using the rechargeables for the time being - since I got back from Athens my cord charger isn't working right, and I'm afraid of putting it in case it does something worse, as I've paid for my batteries , so I need to be careful,I certainly need to replace the power cord sometime.For the time being I'm on plain batteries ( which I need to spend anyway as they 're from last year and they going to expire. ) , and that made me remember why I made the switch ( aside from economical and ecological reasons ) was that I always fumbled with the small batteries and I always would lose one.I lost one on the stairs today.ugh.

Also , Rachel saw my CI one day when we were trying to find a solution for it to stay on my ear and mentioned that I have a cracked controller - WHAT - and I was so embarassed I didn't notice.My CI is so dark that I never noticed.I got that replaced though , easily , although I was a bit shocked at the place where I got it replaced ( that is another blog post though ) , but what concerns me , is a cracked processor affecting hearing ? Because I definitely noticed a difference.I think my processor was cracked for quite awhile , because now I can hear very faintly the doorbell ( although only if I'm under it and if I know it's GOING to ring ).

And Rachel's solution worked for few days , then it started again falling out.UGH!! I've been checking thoroughly for another crack.So far I've been lucky.The shoulder worn doesn't work so great now because I need a safetypin pouch ( I'll have to order one )due to me wearing high necked clothes but I'm also going to check out if I can find a babyworn cord , see if that helps me.I don't mind how it appears , as long as it helps me.

Regarding controllers cracks I've been checking other kids processors in speech therapy and telling them to go replace them if they're under warranty.Most of the parents are thankful about my advocating even to them, as they know I'm just trying to help them.

Oooh , before I close I should share something.Rachel has that big camera , which she let me try a few times , and I could hear her shutter first I was what the hell was that?then I understood it and it started bugging me , as I couldn't hear my camera's shutter.Well a few minutes ago I managed to hear it.YAY!

Anyway I should stop here or I'll go on forever.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seeing my country through someone's eyes.

As I wrote before , Rachel Chaikof came to see Greece , after Israel.

We've been walking , making friends , and most importantly , TOURING , and she shot countless pictures.We're yet to finish the touring ( which will culminate in Athens ) and today is a relaxing day.

Her pictures , and most importantly , her blog posts about Greece , make me see my country with different eyes.I still have the same perspective about my country , but I also find that I have different lenses to look through.

I love talking to her about everything and anything.I feel enriched. Oh , and she passed down some of her movie obsessions.But more than everything I feel like I'm slowly gaining another friend , another perspective in life , and most importantly , learning from her experience.

Last night when we were watching movies and talking until the small hours of the morning , although VERY tired from the previous day , I felt something that I could not identify at first.I felt content.

Life is so better when you try different things.

Oh and as a side note , my english comprehension is going up!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Odds and Ends

I just can't believe that summer is over..I had fabulous time that summer , and that made up for last summer too , I hadn't felt like that for two years...

This summer it helped me more than anything.My parents even did their part , instead of us bickering all the time ( mostly for the big stuff ) we decided to let them drop for few months and really enjoy some family time.Boy , did that help!

We went a boat trip to Samothrace three times , and I stayed to homebirth place too , to see friends and relatives.I even went camping on my own, to meet some friends was GREAT.

I returned to my apartment to fix bills , try to make the home presentable , and to look after Theo for few days.Right after week's old Theo stay , my parents came to stay and install the AC..Figures it would be installed on the first cold day of fall! I'm lucky like that! At least it'll be there for next summer..

In a few days I'm expecting a certain someone , and thanks to my dad , I'm in my sickbed , suffering an allergy attack which usually lasts a week, and add that up to exhaustion due to lack of proper sleep , and that adds up to someone pretty grumpy , getting hot and cold flashes , and a pretty annoying cough! ( Dad opened the porch doors wide at the living room , that's where I sleep when my parents come , to be as far away as I can be from their smoking , and because they get the double bed to sleep. and I was sleeping only in a nightie , which resulted in me getting a cold , which resulted to allergy attack , and frozen shoulders.Left one is still a bit sore , right is back to normal thank god! Thanks a bunch Dad for making me miserable even after forbidding you open up anything before I'm awake and properly dressed.NOT! )

I just hope that I'll feel better soon ( best case scenario I'm better by Saturday , but that's a long shot.Worst is Tuesday , but that's not acceptable either.So I hope by Monday morning to at least be up and running , the exhaustion is no joke!! )

I just can't wait to meet someone though!!! It's only FIVE days till I meet Rachel Chaikof , although I'm nervous that I'll be embarassed either from speaking mangled English , or letting my shyness overwhelm me and not speak at all.Or even bolt from the airport.Ha ha.The last just isn't going to happen , don't worry. But I'm worrying for the first two possiblities , but I'm going to brave it , and wing it.I will survive , and so she'll do , and I dare say she'll even thrive!

I rambled far enough , and I have to go back on my book...I'm reading breaking dawn , from Stephenie Meyer.It's good..Next on my list is a greek book , then I want to read something fantasy or sci fi too..but what? nothing too scary , but exciting , different.Any suggestions ?

I also am thinking of trying audiobooks in english soon , see if I can understand anything...but I got confused with the abridged and unabridged versions.Anyone can help me here?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Long Time No See...

I haven't written in that blog for SO long...Guess I've been off the blogworld for a while..

First I became addicted to FB , where I can directly post a question abt anything and I will get few replies right off.

Then I've been enjoying chatting online.My everyday companion is Laura.We talk about everything and nothing.I enjoy very much our chats.Also often if not everyday is Kara , another online companion , although now she doesn't log in as often as she used.Not to mention my favourite cousins , and two greek friends that we talk everynight.So I haven't been completely off the internet , I just wasn't inclined to post anything on here.

Not to mention that I was in vacation with our boat two or three times with my family , plus almost every other afternoon going for a swim and fishing with the boat , fishing calamari and whatnot.Ink stinks if it gets in your eye though.

I'm back at my home for two days now , and I'll leave for a camping weekend trip later today , and tomorrow is bank holiday here *smile*

After that it'll be the second half of August which I plan to spend with getting the apartment painted , install an AC for next year ( I've been melting from the heat here ) and do a few other odd jobs so the apartment will be in shape ship order for winter.Then it will be 7th September , the day that a certain someone will be visiting me for two weeks and we will tour here and other places to our best of knowledge.I can't wait for Rachel Chaikof to arrive her and to meet her in person , even if I have some doubts communication-wise.My written English is almost perfect , but I haven't spoke them in MY voice for at least a few years ( and that was pre-CI.Not to mention that I can't lipread English.For some reason I could HEAR it and speak perfect, Greek been another matter , I rely too much in lipreading ) .I hope we will both survive!If not , cell phones and notepads will be whipped out!

Plus , I've gotten to know another CI family in Greece , who want to know me and show them all the Freedom care n tips.We will meet up right after my camping trip , from which I'll be back on Sunday night or Monday morning.It's a little girl that reminds me so much of myself when I was a baby ( seen her in hosp appt , then her family emailed me without knowing I was the same person.LOL! )so I already have kind of a soft spot for her.

I also plan to visit some friends close by sooner than later , and I can't wait to see what the new school year will bring!

No news abt the CI , humidity is a big problem in my hometown , and seeing I was on a boat and in a swimsuit , I didn't wear it as much.

Next post on Monday hopefully I'll post some pics from summer..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

CI relationship status?

Since Kylie dearest sent me two pouches and a long coil , I've been utilizing them as needed..

It's a choreography..when I'm about to go walking for losing weight , I'll pull on the pouch and long coil.

When I'm about to go to college , I'll wear the long coil for the ride with pushes and shoves, and will switch to short one when I'm in my seat.Off it goes to the way back.

When I had to cook I used the short coil with an hairband that I have , and sent Lissy the same too.Long coil sometimes flies off and dangles.It goes on again for me to do the washing up.

I have a special pocket in my bag,it houses the music cord , and whichever coil I'm not wearing , a pack of six pack batteries , and a battery cage , and also the 2nd charged to go rechargeable for my CI.Oh , and the hands free for my cell phone , which connects to my music cord so I can make and HEAR calls.

Anyway , back to subject.CI isn't only for the active life , like Kylie mentions , it's also for the pack mules.LOL , yeah , you heard me right! I was armed for my short weekend away ,laptop bag on back , usual bag at my front , carrying a non-wheelie suitcase.Which was HEAVY.Ahem , lopsided.

If I had short coil I'd had tucked away the CI, in my bag, I'm not willing to lose it.

Long coil , no problem.I carried everything.Coil flipped off couple times and I didn't even made a wild grab , to let anything drop , or make me inattentive to road hazards.I just waited till I was in safe ground , and calmly popped it into place.It gave me a feeling of peaceful.Stress levels alarmingly low , like my HA.

And that put me in thought.

When I was first activated , I hated it.I loved it.Can u say confused? Missed my HA.Terribly.I didn't miss it too much either.For a few weeks I was going around with a piece of felt wool , replacing feeling of earmold.I had felt like they had gotten something away for me.And I eventually broke of the habit , when I started to get ridiculed.

But I hated the weight of was bulky.Weighty.My ear was sore.I wore it when I had to , and didn't wore it at home , trying to get my poor ear a break.

I also hated CI for the hole it made in my pocket with batteries.With my HA , it was just a pack of batteries every month.Now I ate through them like crazy , I'd need a 60 pack a month.Suddenly I was overwhelmed.I also kept losing new or old pieces of em , crawling in places to get them.Yes, I've even tried to crawl into driver's cubicle in college bus.The old ones always went to recycle.

As you see , I hated CI with passion , and I loved it with equal passion for almost to up to a year.

Now I just find myself , not only thanks to Kylie for her solution , but for my own choreography.For opting into rechargeables, and , yes , I'm aware they 'll die in a years' time , but in the meantime I've have already invested into another pair of them.

Today I heard a bit of scrounching , which was when the bus driver put his foot down to start the bus gently.

Pre pouch , I'd always be deaf , jostling made me fearing to lose it.Now I just don't care.

I managed to hear more sounds today than any other time , and the whole day I had gone shoulder way.I slept on the train with CI on so I could hear my stop announcing.I had a nap with it on and heard my cell phone going off , a text to go out , to have fun.

In the Metro ( tube for anyone that can't understand ) I could hear BOTH in Greek and English the announcements for each stop.And I wasn't EVEN paying attention.

A few months ago , when I 'd remove my CI I'd feel relief.Flooded with it for finally it the time to get it into the Dry n Store and feel like I wasn't in hyperdrive anymore.With not having to put up with it any more.

Now , when I remove it, I just feel a sense of loss , taking a sense away from me.When the battery finishes on it s own , and I won't replace it as it's already bedtime, I feel lost.

Now if tinnitus wasn't welcoming in both sides of that world , I'd finally get a bit of decent sleep.I've managed some brief pockets here and there , but nothing more than a week.

I find myself in the position to say..I did choose well with the naming of that blog.It's fitting.Sound of Cochlear Implant.

It's something so precious , and so simple too in the same time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why I Chose Cochlear?

It was widely available anywhere in the globe.The processor had the LCD on the back , something that I find HIGHLY useful for ANY situation!
It is backwards and forwards compatible with any external of Cochlear.
I had found an Europe site that sold most of the Freedom things in better prices , like the coils , batteries , magnets.The company here in Greece has INFLATED prices.( more like triple prices )
No need for remote control ( it's useful , but I'd keep losing it! ) although there IS talk of newer BTE cochlear model with remote control...
Also , I figured that more than half of people I'd contacted about CI both in Greece and abroad , chosen Cochlear , so it couldn't go wrong.
Internal implant had 24 electrodes , and various mapping techniques, especially for the Freedom implant.
Processor had the option of both , rechargeable , and plain batteries.I use the rechargeable for day to day activities , but when I'm going to a trip , I'm packing some plain in my laptop bag.That way , I don't spend as many batteries as I should.And I always recycle the plain ones.I like going green.And the disposable is handy, too.( the rechargeable I think got out recently , but when I was implanted , it was out )
It had the ability to connect to anything in a trice , without changing anything ( I do believe the other companies , need special casings or hooks , depending on the model )
It has separate buttons for each action , or seperate combinations too to do some slight changes, like volume , sensitivity, or T-Coil , or external equipment.Oh and change map slot too.
Plus , it has the child is advertised so the kids wouldn't play with it , for kiddos that wear their implant.But I find it useful as I have little hands getting my implant.I just let them see it for a bit then put it on my ear need to check anything!Peace of MIND!!!!
Last , Cochlear box had inside a Dry n Store box!it's too useful.If it wasn't inside , I'd buy it , it saved my arse more times than I count.

The only complaint I've had from my implant is that it was heavy at first ( compared to a hearing aid ) and that the plastic casing that covers the socket for mp3 cords and stuff is peeling away.they should redesign that.And I occasionaly use my mp3 player , or the tv cord.I wonder what happened to the other Freedom users that use that every day?

Monday, May 25, 2009

One Year CI


I've been absent the past week...

Been laptop broke , and also finals are approaching..

But I remembered something..I'm one year implanted on May 22th , and on the 26th I'll be one year hearing!!

Time sure flies fast...

I had said few months ago...that I couldn't see myself having my CI for years...

And now I'm concluding my first year seems so weird to just thinking that..

Sometimes I wonder how the 'older' hearing people with CI feel..I have one that has 15 years with CI and counting..another , twenty!!!

it seems so weird!!!!

I can't wait till September though..*wink*

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weight Issues and pouches

Since I got my CI , the weight always seemed to be bothering me..

I had searched online..tried to find solutions..Read in AllDeaf forums about various wearing solutions...

1) SnugFits..huh , these weren't provided , and they seemed I decided to wait until someone let me tries his , before I spend money ...I read they weren't the most useful..
2) Babyworn option?Far more expensive , and I was a little sceptical as the length of that cord wasn't enough for me..So I decided to wait..

I determined that my glasses were too bulky..Bought new ones..the problem lessened somewhat..but the weight issue still bothered annoyed me...I wasn't wearing CI in the house..I wanted to give my ear some rest...

I bought rechargeable batteries..that helped a bit too..but not too much..ah , at least I was saving money , the disposables were burning a hole in my pocket each month...

Lotte's father , Cloggy as he is known on the blogosphere , he proposed long first I was very sceptical..and I did not had the money to acquire a long coil..and i had to sew my own pouches..and I'm hopeless into sewing a button , much less make something for me...So I kind of discarded that option...

Until I saw on AllDeaf people that wear long coils when they go to gym..or other activities..And I remembered , that summer is approaching , and I should find a see , I drive a motorbike..nothing too much , a little one..I help my dad sometimes in his boat...and we've lost enough cell phones in the depths of the sea enough times to remember to place them somewhere secure..and my CI never was secure..So I decided to look for a solution..

Around that time , popped Kylie , Alyssa's mother , she had her daughter , with long coils too for school , etc..and she sews beautiful pouches for them , not to mention with several wearing options..Alligator clip? Check! Safetypins?Check!

We talked about it online on Facebook..she decided to let me try she sent me two pouches , and an used long coil for free..along with other things...Thanks Kylie..

I received that , almost three weeks ago...

Since then it's been a weight off my mind..They work..Granted , i do wear it on the ear sometimes , but most of the day I'm with the long does works and helps a lot..See...

Earache? Mostly gone , I still have the odd twang..and no , I don't think it's anything nasty , it's just the scar probably bothering me now..I have other scars in other places , and most didn't stop bothering me at least until they were five years old..LOL!

Weight issue ? Resolved!

Also resolved issue , was my noisy hair..that noise , rustling from my hair..often drove me nuts..I was thinking maybe I will shave them!LOL!

Now my only thought is to get some pouches in light blue denim.And to get a new swimsuit for summer!! Oh , and the odd OtterBox of course, I will need it! LOL!

Kylie..a big Thanks is owed to you! So Thank You..and..Lissy..Thanks for the 'love' cheque , i have it in my drawer..I will cash it when I come to Down Under..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cha-Ching LG!

A little while before Christmas , I bought myself this phone

it was an early Christmas phone.Sadly , I noticed it did not had an 2.5 mm audio jack like my previous cell phone ( which also was an LG and also a slide phone I tend to gravitate to these as I can hear well on them )
I thought , no matter , I could use T- coil.well , it was awful.I heard a lot of interference.Tried on it own.Lots of noise.Crowd noise too a big turn I rarely used it , mostly texted.I could hear when I was home , but when I was there , I preffered the landline obviously.

I missed my earhook.I had an earhook , not a HATIS , but a similar one.but there was not an suitable jack.So I started searching for an adaptor , always thinking I could get one.Lots of these on ebay.Somehow , I never got around into ordering one , postage was more expensive than the adaptor.

Until I saw this article. So I thought , hmm , lets try it.

After a bit of explaining and showing the aforementioned article to my friend that is also an electronics guy , he agreed to help me make one , for free.and anyway the spare part we'd need , wasn't going to cost more than 1 Euro.Maybe even less, and he told me to dug out the earbuds for hearing people and bring them to him so he would modify them.

So I did..Only..oops! Never noticed the earbuds..

Into their original packaging , they looked innocent enough...

Probably why I never opened the earbuds , why I set them aside...

I did it just now...

Hmmmm..what's that? Does it unplug? OMG! I never knew!!!Guess I need to check always EVERYTHING even when it's intended for hearing people.

Hmm..Cha-Ching! That was LG company , earning more points in my head.I already had the LG in high esteem for a number of reasons, the best reason , money spent , zero!

I added my PAC and also my CI ..there's , the final thing..

Time of assembly : 15 minutes , including initial shock and surprise.LOL!

Money spent : None.

I didn't test it yet , as it was quite late , and hadn't any 'victim' ready to test it.but I did ring 131 information for hearing the time , and I heard in Greek all the numbers!:P

More news for an editing to the post.

Cha-Ching , LG!You just made me FAR more devoted into buying your products!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bank holiday , new sounds!


I haven't updated my blog in more than a month *gasp* guess that I preferred chatting online and emailing.

also , I've been busier..and moreover , last week I was sick with fever and no CI as I was in bed all day...

Yesterday I was well enough to go to speech lesson..I wore the Freedom...*gasp* guess that when u don't wear the implant for a while , it is too loud after..hmm!

After Speech therapy I went to Theo's place , to finish her airplane , and also to get some pictures done..while I was walking to the bus stop , I could hear the frogs at the field after the road.LOL do they sound moaning or ghosts!!guess that is mating season here..

Today here it is bank holiday , which means there was a parade this morning , and tradition is to eat fish and hang the Greek flag in porches n balconies( not here.I'm eating lentil soup as I'm still with a cold..LOL! ).it also means that every shop is shut down, so I forgot to buy my meds , had to search last night for an open pharmacist.

Oh , and also I learnt a new word in English..LOL thanks Mei Mei :P I still giggle every time I remember it!!every time I do that , I get still that giggle after..u've ruined my moaning LOL!

Although I do miss some online chats..

OH and also....Lil Bee has her birthday today!! Happy Birthday !!!

Oh , and the book I was waiting to get is published I Don't Believe my Ears!...It went to my list of must buying when I am able to!

I already have Val Blakely's book , I'm all ears and I plan to get I Don't Believe my Ears!,Rally Caps, Ellie's Ears and Happy Birthday to my Ears, Unheard. So you can imagine that I'll spend a fair bit of money here and there.

Oh and I also got an Canon PowerShot SX10IS camera , to replace my old one that got stolen back in November.I was ogling it right from the start, but I didn't dare buy it , as I reasoned with myself that I do not really need that camera , and to look somewhere lower at price range.But I finally gave in , and , boy , I LOVE that I did buy it , pictures are AWESOME! been tinkering with the settings , trying to learn the only complaint is that sometimes flash is too much!! I try to tinker with ISO speeds , and it works without flash as a charm!

I hope I can find a tutorial that is specific for the camera I have , explaining the differences with ISO and whatnot.I'll ask to the store I bought the camera from when I have some time.Also , that camera has an amazing power reserve , my other camera used AA batteries too , but they tended to run out quickly.these are STILL going strong!!! I got some 300 pictures this week , most were deleted though LOL so in my memory card I have only 100 LOL!

I'm off to do some collegework and later maybe find an ISO tutorial!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday fun , and friendship fun

Happy birthday to me , yesterday was my birthday.

Had a good time..even on my own! Nobody could come to cut a cake..but I didn't mind much! I just spoiled myself..ordered a pizza for dinner..watched my videos till 2 am and chatted with friends , although Katie made me bust my ass in laughter! She was ranting about no subtitles for a particular show in facebook..and everybody chipped in..till I thankful , we don't have subtitles here in Greece , except in foreign captioned movies.Katie then took it up a notch , she was so sure of the subs in Greece ( she was here playing footy ) that I started laughing , and I imagined her all done up and swiveling a drink , proclaiming it , and I was all like didn't u heard the english voices.LOL! turns out though that Katie was just operated with CI and didn't heard much.But she was so sure of that..and I LOVED THAT! I loved that she was so happy , so sure of her knowledge , and even when she recognized the mistake , she just laughed along merrily.I felt like she was beside me , making me busting my ass in laughter with her antics, swinging about her drink and making everyone laughing!

I also loved that we were exchanging emails with Rachel , talk a bit over fb , that we everyday talk with Laura and she's made me admire her strength and perseverance.Since CI , I feel like I'm surrounded with good friends , that know what's there in for me , and they support me , even from online.Don't get me wrong , I do have some friends here in Greece , good friends mind you , but most are hearing.Only one friend has a nephew that also has CI and another couple are Deaf( one talking like me with HA's , other deaf totally signing only) .but it's nice to know people that 'get it' how it is with CI.

So , here's to 8 n half months with CI , to 8 months with getting CI friends , to 8 months of happiness because I felt that someone understood me! So , thanks Katie-Louise , thanks Laura , thanks Rachel , I wanna thank everyone..but I've run out of names! lol! ( and no way am I gonna thank your twin Little Miss Trouble!! lol!! )

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My day..

My day with my new glasses couldn't have gone better..they're plastic and so light that I actually forgot that I had them on all the day..and I can see better ( my prescription had changed so I had to change the lenses too. ) , but the most important thing? they're very when u don't wear my CI is sitting right behind my ear.

with my old glasses CI was sitting on the shell of my ear , and were falling often.very often.If I bent down they were on the floor or in the air and I was making a wild grab for CI or glasses.Most of the time for both.I nearly had an accident with CI almost falling in the toilet..YUCK! But I didn't grab my glasses in time!

Yesterday I charged the brown battery , also I put a brown microphone protector , Dry'n'Store - ed my CI , and today I wore it from the time I was out..( habit I'd acquired as with my old glasses my ear got sore too quickly , now I have to break myself of it.. ) and battery 8 hours later is still going strong! I'm really impressed! will drain it to see how much juice actually it has! and to cap ear hasn't gone sore as much as other days..( well it has to heal a bit from days past..I estimate in a week I'll be good to go!! )

Also , at first I didn't like ADRO map much.I missed my HA..well guess what..I turned it to Auto , had it for almost a month, no problems! today I said..hmmm lets turn it back to ADRO..well guess what..I hear better with it , only problem is that cars are way too loud! oh well I'll get used to it..Auto seems better for when I'm somewhere that has too much noise..ADRO for other settings..I haven't used BEAM or music b/c I forgot to which slots they are in...( I do listen to music , just not as often as most do , since I've never heard much in music with HA , and I usually turn on the stereo on my pc! )

When I cooked , I always removed my CI..afraid of frying!! today , no problems..I was so busy cooking that I forgot of my precaution! when I set up to have my dinner..I realized..I still have CI on!

also Rechargeable versus Disposables ? big way the rechargeable..make CI feel lighter somehow...and saves money too..not to mention planet resources!

I'm happier these days..*whistle*

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Batteries...Yet again!

I've purchased the charger and two batteries..on my own..

I don't even hope that insurance will do anything , or , even Cochlear.It should at least lower the prices at Greece.

When I saw the tiny charger my first thought was..what? that thing is intended to be sold here for $1,280 ???? Sorry but it's too tiny and puny..specially when I acquired it for $ 165 from an abroad site.

Needless to say that the charger price , now that I've told of the price differences to other parents at the SLP's office I go to , caused a bit of a stir! and I expect tomorrow that I will bring it out and show it and let them try it out..will cause more stir...

I haven't tried them out yet , as I received it rather late..but , tomorrow is a new day...

will tell u more details tomorrow..!!

But I still can't believe they try to leech that many money from something so basic!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Insurance in Greece..

Happy New Year!!

I have had neglected that blog..I have quite a few things to write about...

First of all , since Rachel saw this post , we have e-mailed online , and connected on Facebook..

And she posted that above entry , in her blog along with Robyn's story..

And I'm might help , it might not , but at least , it builds awareness!!

On other news ...

Well my particular post office that is in my area , started the proccess in receiving packages from abroad , a bit of a nightmare , to have me to wait at least a few days to receive it..ugh!! and I am wondering..are the few money I'm saving , really worth of all this hassle ? For the time being , I did not order the monthly package with the disposable batteries, as I quite dread the process..and I started rationing my CI use..I wear it only when I'm out and about..when I'm at home , I utilize lipreading.thankfully , Greek is one of the easiest languages to lipread.

Yes , insurance covers batteries , only by choice..some people in the same insurance don't cover them , some do...and seeing as my insurance is expiring soon , I decided it was not worth the hassle.

So I tried to reason with my parents to buy the rechargeables..well , that did not go down well..

They thought that since CI operation , all the costs would be more cut down.*sigh* and it was quite an awakening for them..We're in debate of a sorts about that..

But the best thing , post - CI , is my connecting with a few people..networking , either abroad or in Greece..

And I've met this Christmas , a mother of three adult sons , that wants to do an implant.she's in the proccess of approving. We talked a lot..and I hope her operation goes well!!!

And I've met in September a family , that implanted their boy..who just said this Christmas his first word! the most precious gift for his family..who are so thankful for me suggesting a bet AVT/SLP , and with who I've formed a good bond , and I want to know all about is so heartwarming to see them! We met again on the holidays , exchanged presents and we watched and interacted with the little boy.He's amazing..although his story is not...

And I correspond online sometimes with another family..

And I also wanted to expand on the previous post which I've linked. Since I re- read it at Rachel's blog , I wanted to clarify a few things..

First of all , my Cochlear Freedom box contained everything that is in the US boxes , EXCEPT the rechargeables and the charger OR even , second CI , heavens forbid!!, and also in the US box , they also have a 60-pack of disposables.My box contained only a six pack..oh , yes , your ears do not deceive you...I had to buy my own box for 100.729$ ( 75 euros )....

And also , the prices since last post have been jacked up in Greece..meanwhile , the prices fell down everywhere else , making the difference more higher. And I do not know how higher are they, since I haven't gone to the office that represents Cochlear here, to investigate , nor I want to...

So I buy the batteries for 73.8676$ ( 55 euros ) from an online shop...almost every month I have to plug it and pay..but since the post office debacle , I've started doing every two months , and rationing CI use..

Maybe the people that DO have money difficulties and are having even this one CI , SHOULD receive the rechargeables..regardless of the country..

Maybe Cochlear needs to see that every box is standartized , regardless of the country.maybe that way , there would be a lot less complaints.

So in's a bit frustrating!

but I want to thank Rachel for blogging the issue , and wanting to least , people interaction , helps advocating..

Did I say that the Internet is the most wonderful place for us CI people to connect ????

I hope you had a good holiday!!