Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Batteries...Yet again!

I've purchased the charger and two batteries..on my own..

I don't even hope that insurance will do anything , or , even Cochlear.It should at least lower the prices at Greece.

When I saw the tiny charger my first thought was..what? that thing is intended to be sold here for $1,280 ???? Sorry but it's too tiny and puny..specially when I acquired it for $ 165 from an abroad site.

Needless to say that the charger price , now that I've told of the price differences to other parents at the SLP's office I go to , caused a bit of a stir! and I expect tomorrow that I will bring it out and show it and let them try it out..will cause more stir...

I haven't tried them out yet , as I received it rather late..but , tomorrow is a new day...

will tell u more details tomorrow..!!

But I still can't believe they try to leech that many money from something so basic!

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