Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday fun , and friendship fun

Happy birthday to me , yesterday was my birthday.

Had a good time..even on my own! Nobody could come to cut a cake..but I didn't mind much! I just spoiled myself..ordered a pizza for dinner..watched my videos till 2 am and chatted with friends , although Katie made me bust my ass in laughter! She was ranting about no subtitles for a particular show in facebook..and everybody chipped in..till I thankful , we don't have subtitles here in Greece , except in foreign captioned movies.Katie then took it up a notch , she was so sure of the subs in Greece ( she was here playing footy ) that I started laughing , and I imagined her all done up and swiveling a drink , proclaiming it , and I was all like didn't u heard the english voices.LOL! turns out though that Katie was just operated with CI and didn't heard much.But she was so sure of that..and I LOVED THAT! I loved that she was so happy , so sure of her knowledge , and even when she recognized the mistake , she just laughed along merrily.I felt like she was beside me , making me busting my ass in laughter with her antics, swinging about her drink and making everyone laughing!

I also loved that we were exchanging emails with Rachel , talk a bit over fb , that we everyday talk with Laura and she's made me admire her strength and perseverance.Since CI , I feel like I'm surrounded with good friends , that know what's there in for me , and they support me , even from online.Don't get me wrong , I do have some friends here in Greece , good friends mind you , but most are hearing.Only one friend has a nephew that also has CI and another couple are Deaf( one talking like me with HA's , other deaf totally signing only) .but it's nice to know people that 'get it' how it is with CI.

So , here's to 8 n half months with CI , to 8 months with getting CI friends , to 8 months of happiness because I felt that someone understood me! So , thanks Katie-Louise , thanks Laura , thanks Rachel , I wanna thank everyone..but I've run out of names! lol! ( and no way am I gonna thank your twin Little Miss Trouble!! lol!! )


  1. Happy Birthday old Girl! LOL... Your post is great. Katie is lovely. I haven't met her yet but felt like i have along with other ci cyber friends. Next week i am a 6 month old ci user! Can't wait for my review.

    Happy birthday again.