Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why I Chose Cochlear?

It was widely available anywhere in the globe.The processor had the LCD on the back , something that I find HIGHLY useful for ANY situation!
It is backwards and forwards compatible with any external of Cochlear.
I had found an Europe site that sold most of the Freedom things in better prices , like the coils , batteries , magnets.The company here in Greece has INFLATED prices.( more like triple prices )
No need for remote control ( it's useful , but I'd keep losing it! ) although there IS talk of newer BTE cochlear model with remote control...
Also , I figured that more than half of people I'd contacted about CI both in Greece and abroad , chosen Cochlear , so it couldn't go wrong.
Internal implant had 24 electrodes , and various mapping techniques, especially for the Freedom implant.
Processor had the option of both , rechargeable , and plain batteries.I use the rechargeable for day to day activities , but when I'm going to a trip , I'm packing some plain in my laptop bag.That way , I don't spend as many batteries as I should.And I always recycle the plain ones.I like going green.And the disposable is handy, too.( the rechargeable I think got out recently , but when I was implanted , it was out )
It had the ability to connect to anything in a trice , without changing anything ( I do believe the other companies , need special casings or hooks , depending on the model )
It has separate buttons for each action , or seperate combinations too to do some slight changes, like volume , sensitivity, or T-Coil , or external equipment.Oh and change map slot too.
Plus , it has the child is advertised so the kids wouldn't play with it , for kiddos that wear their implant.But I find it useful as I have little hands getting my implant.I just let them see it for a bit then put it on my ear need to check anything!Peace of MIND!!!!
Last , Cochlear box had inside a Dry n Store box!it's too useful.If it wasn't inside , I'd buy it , it saved my arse more times than I count.

The only complaint I've had from my implant is that it was heavy at first ( compared to a hearing aid ) and that the plastic casing that covers the socket for mp3 cords and stuff is peeling away.they should redesign that.And I occasionaly use my mp3 player , or the tv cord.I wonder what happened to the other Freedom users that use that every day?