Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cochlear Store US

Shouldn't there be an international Cochlear e-shop for at least the more trivial things like Koala bears , toy proccessors , stickers , coils batteries , etc?

I'm feeling a bit down..Greece doesnt offer 2nd implant..doesn't offer replacement proccessors..doesn't offer much at all..and one coil per x years , the x number depends at the brand of insurance you have..And the shop that has Cochlear products ( under a different name ) sells some of the products in double price..

and for the international CI users that they'd like to browse the US store there is a solution.Just paste the link of the US store..And voila!!

I was pushed from this post to look for a way to be able to see the US store..but , you can't buy from there.At least you are able to browse.

What you'd love from there ? I'd love the toy processor ( the kid I'm looking after is always taking off my proccessor to wear it herself..LOL! and she's hearing! ) just to have some peace..and the CI stickers..and the rechargeable batteries ( in pink please for some variation! )

I'm expecting some comments..

Friday, September 26, 2008

CI concerns

I'm a bit frustrated..and concerned.. the computer many noises..25 computers going classmates clicking their pens on/off..teacher is rumbling his papers ..mutters..cellphones ringing..with HA never bothered me...but with CI I was pretty overwhelmed!!And all these before lesson even started!!!

Then the professor started talking..his voice was loud and he always spoke loud , slow and clear! but my CI was centering into the cacophony not in the voice! And what's more..I did not even THINK to change into the BEAM map..I was too used to my mono digital HA ( had it 9 years ) so I just popped the coil off after 15 mins!!that on Wednesday! argh! must remember next time..

When I recounted that to a friend..she said...what about BEAM ? duh! I can't believe I forgot! a bit frustrated with my audie..he's a good doctor..but I couldn't get ahold of him for an appt for a new map and I feel like I need one!! when I'm free , he's busy..when I'm busy , he's free..I can't blame him really , he tends to a lot of people..

Oh and today as I returned from AVT I climbed on the bus home , and I heard a tiny cry/mewling..And I was all like what was THAT? And I was in the front of the bus , almost upfront with the driver...I tried to investigate what it was..But I did not had any out of pure curiosity ( curiosity killed the cat, I know! ) I investigated..I walked a bit farther down..and in the way back , I discovered the source..was an grumbling , but sweet baby!!A little boy..and he was pretty quiet..I'm a bit amazed..there was all the presumed noise in a bus pack full of people and of all these things I could've heard..and it wasn't like very clear, more like an kitten meowing..LOL!!

I've been busy researching some options/plans for me , plus college and AVT..

And I'm a bit sad that in Greece don't offer 2nd implant..I'd love an 2nd one..I've been mono since 11 , but I always felt a bit dissatisfied..So when a few months ago , I learnt of CI eligiblity , I had decided to implant my bad ear..they did my good after all..a decision I dont regret in the slightest , but I'd like both ears...No , I wouldn't like it..I'd LOVE it!!And no..I'm not going to do any commitee..we do have a group for CI people , but it's not really active where it should , which is a shame..I spoke with other members , and most mentioned only one meeting and not a really important..So I do consider the money I have to give into the fee..if it's not active..

I'm so insecure sometimes..but that's another post altogether...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures and news

Last weekend , I went to the fun fair , and I was speechless with so much assault! I could hear the screams, the music of the games , the screeching of the games when they strained , voices of the kids that were playing and talking etc..and I was speechless with the panorama of the view I was seeing...I could see even the sea when I was on the ferrywheel! Whooooo!!

Here is the ferrywheel..terrific!!

I loved it , and I climbed almost everywhere..and I wondered if there is a similar thing in London , or if I ever will visit the fun fair of Athens..

In a previous post , I had promised some pictures...of my new!!!

Here I am !! does it suits me ?

On another note , I was not very pleased with my responses in the AVT training , as I was confusing a lot of things! I got pretty frustrated and I tried to the start of every session, takes me at least 15 mins to start 'listening' properly..even if I wore my CI all day..if I've worn my CI just 10-15 minutes before AVT , my response varies to 5-8's a bit distracting though , as I want to wear it all day...

I need to train harder!! And maybe I'm due for another mapping , so , next Friday I'll go in the hospital to monitor that..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Haircut and Blinged CI!

I've been having some problems with CI , position-wise..I felt the CI too heavy , my ear tired too quickly , CI fell oftentimes..I determined it was not a magnet problem..

So I researched at the AllDeaf Forum if it was better for me to acquire the babyworn..

Most proposed to me to get an earmold , a thing that I want to avoid..I after a while determined that probably was the wisdom tooth..and decided to wait off till the tooth decides to settle down..Boy , it sure did , and it popped up a little peak next to my molar! Probably because it decided to announce its presence so close to the surgery , affected my whole side..So I was spared off a ripping! So now I quite dread the next time my wisdom acts up..but at least I know what to expect! The newness is still taking off with me..

So the problem persisted a I decided ..a haircut might solve it , and anyways , I wanted a change..( my old haircut was 3 months old , but I've sported the same for a while now! ) So I cut them short , like when I was younger..after returning from the hairdressers, I put on the CI..and voila! Blessed sound and NO I guess..I have really thick frizzy hair , and I also wear thick rimmed glasses that don't help matters..and I had an habit to tuck my hair behind my the CI got displaced most of the time I moved..With the new problems at tiring..

And the day I got the hair done , I had a little outing with a couple of friends , and for a while when I was browsing the mall with them , got a little panic attack! I was thinking 'ohmygod ohmygod where's my hearing aid?I don't have the earmold ON!!' before I realized that I was hearing , thank you , and I did got an CI operation and everything..and I had actually FORGOTTEN that I was wearing it!! So I thought that it was the best trade off !! to have my hair cut! and quite a few people say that it suits me..most of my friends grieve the loss..I'm not bothered in the least when I remember the trade off!!

Also I want to get more blings for my CI..but I cant find any!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Progress..or not?

Haven't posted for a while..

I've had a few problems with CI..Haven't been wearing it due to my implanted side face hurting because of the stupid wisdom tooth..And today that I wore it again after a long while , I discover that my tolerance levels are lower..Grrr lost progressions..

So now I'm back at Volume setting 1 and increase it slowly over the next few days..Hoping I will be again on track before my speech therapy starts!

But I love that I *can* hear the warning when battery is dying..I feel more secure knowing it! It annoyed me to no end when I couldn't even hear it and suddenly my CI died..But I wish the warning was more than three beeps before it went out cold! with HA had at least 2-3 hours beeping which was more often before it died out , giving me a lot of time to change it..There are situations , like at college , that I can't just afford to lose a with HA , I usually changed when the teacher was not talking for a few minutes..

Any feedback?

I also have an extra battery holder..I always carry batteries with me , but if I have them pre-loaded and just change battery holders?would it affect the battery life considerably?

I've been using a bit of Rayovac batteries , and they're no worse than Powerone , although I feel with Powerone I have clearer sound..or it's maybe I'm back to square one? Who knows? I will keep a six-pack back and try it again when I'm up to gear..

I also had an CI moment..I heard the neighbor's phone ringing ( yes, the neighbor's , I actually live in a flat ) and thinking it was my phone , I run to see who it was..I still can't talk to the phone yet , but it's out of habit , and wanting to discover something new..

While I was back at my parents' place , we all went for a swim at the sea ( my parents have an fishing boat that also use for getaways ) but my mother insisted that I shouldn't get water at my ear , and made me wear an yellow plastic bag on my head , that removed my peripheral vision , and made me feel downright stupid...LOL..

Thank goodness that I don't live with them anymore..I love my folks to death..but they can be overbearing and overprotective..and since my activation..always annoying me to hell with sounds!

So , when I got back , I lived for a week with my lovely big brother! I *LOVE* him , and I like a lot his current steady girlfriend , we went together shopping and stuff!
The girlfriend also introduced me to literature that I loved!! Like Betsy the Vampire Queen (I've also started the Mermaid stuff of the same writer..Hilarious! ) , or Harry Dresden the Wizard( I also downloaded the TV adaptations) and Anita Blake the Vampire Slayer..I always had a liking for the different!Right now I'm eagerly anticipating the Brisingr from Christopher Paolini! My sweet brother , intoduced me to Bone Comics which I also enjoy and find a lot humorous!! I also continue with my avid reading of Harry Potter fanfiction at 3 - 4 sites and visiting other CI blogs regularly to take some ideas of what to expect..Most of the other CI users in Greece aren't going much public , and prefer to express themselves only to family , or some forums..Right now I'm a little bit jealous of most of the CI users I know through AD forum are bilateral..wish I could do it!!

A friend asked me over MSN what are my two top wishes...and they are..

1) to go BILATERAL!!
2) to get Kindle from Amazon...LOL!!(does it make apparent how much a bookworm am I?)
3) to get FM system..

Okay , they're three!! But they are my top of the top of wishes!!

I also am aware that a few of the blogs added me , and I will add them back here..when I'm not so sleepy!! ( it's late hereeeee )

So! Goodnight for the time being!!