Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Haircut and Blinged CI!

I've been having some problems with CI , position-wise..I felt the CI too heavy , my ear tired too quickly , CI fell oftentimes..I determined it was not a magnet problem..

So I researched at the AllDeaf Forum if it was better for me to acquire the babyworn..

Most proposed to me to get an earmold , a thing that I want to avoid..I after a while determined that probably was the wisdom tooth..and decided to wait off till the tooth decides to settle down..Boy , it sure did , and it popped up a little peak next to my molar! Probably because it decided to announce its presence so close to the surgery , affected my whole side..So I was spared off a ripping! So now I quite dread the next time my wisdom acts up..but at least I know what to expect! The newness is still taking off with me..

So the problem persisted a I decided ..a haircut might solve it , and anyways , I wanted a change..( my old haircut was 3 months old , but I've sported the same for a while now! ) So I cut them short , like when I was younger..after returning from the hairdressers, I put on the CI..and voila! Blessed sound and NO I guess..I have really thick frizzy hair , and I also wear thick rimmed glasses that don't help matters..and I had an habit to tuck my hair behind my the CI got displaced most of the time I moved..With the new problems at tiring..

And the day I got the hair done , I had a little outing with a couple of friends , and for a while when I was browsing the mall with them , got a little panic attack! I was thinking 'ohmygod ohmygod where's my hearing aid?I don't have the earmold ON!!' before I realized that I was hearing , thank you , and I did got an CI operation and everything..and I had actually FORGOTTEN that I was wearing it!! So I thought that it was the best trade off !! to have my hair cut! and quite a few people say that it suits me..most of my friends grieve the loss..I'm not bothered in the least when I remember the trade off!!

Also I want to get more blings for my CI..but I cant find any!!


  1. Great blog! I hope you'll consider adding it to the aggregator at Deaf Village (

  2. I have never found any blinged stuff for my CI but then again i never bothered because of my hair always covers it! My hsit is always a problem too so i just clip up my hair rather than put my hair behind my ears! :) Laura x

  3. @elizabeth I will think on it..been busy with college and lots of projects

    @charlotte I completely and utterly forgot..will upload some after AVT therapy

    @laura That was what I did when I had longer hair, then right after the operation got them cut , chin length, as it was a nightmare looking after it with the doc's order not to wet my scar...So I cut I cut them again and love it!!