Friday, September 26, 2008

CI concerns

I'm a bit frustrated..and concerned.. the computer many noises..25 computers going classmates clicking their pens on/off..teacher is rumbling his papers ..mutters..cellphones ringing..with HA never bothered me...but with CI I was pretty overwhelmed!!And all these before lesson even started!!!

Then the professor started talking..his voice was loud and he always spoke loud , slow and clear! but my CI was centering into the cacophony not in the voice! And what's more..I did not even THINK to change into the BEAM map..I was too used to my mono digital HA ( had it 9 years ) so I just popped the coil off after 15 mins!!that on Wednesday! argh! must remember next time..

When I recounted that to a friend..she said...what about BEAM ? duh! I can't believe I forgot! a bit frustrated with my audie..he's a good doctor..but I couldn't get ahold of him for an appt for a new map and I feel like I need one!! when I'm free , he's busy..when I'm busy , he's free..I can't blame him really , he tends to a lot of people..

Oh and today as I returned from AVT I climbed on the bus home , and I heard a tiny cry/mewling..And I was all like what was THAT? And I was in the front of the bus , almost upfront with the driver...I tried to investigate what it was..But I did not had any out of pure curiosity ( curiosity killed the cat, I know! ) I investigated..I walked a bit farther down..and in the way back , I discovered the source..was an grumbling , but sweet baby!!A little boy..and he was pretty quiet..I'm a bit amazed..there was all the presumed noise in a bus pack full of people and of all these things I could've heard..and it wasn't like very clear, more like an kitten meowing..LOL!!

I've been busy researching some options/plans for me , plus college and AVT..

And I'm a bit sad that in Greece don't offer 2nd implant..I'd love an 2nd one..I've been mono since 11 , but I always felt a bit dissatisfied..So when a few months ago , I learnt of CI eligiblity , I had decided to implant my bad ear..they did my good after all..a decision I dont regret in the slightest , but I'd like both ears...No , I wouldn't like it..I'd LOVE it!!And no..I'm not going to do any commitee..we do have a group for CI people , but it's not really active where it should , which is a shame..I spoke with other members , and most mentioned only one meeting and not a really important..So I do consider the money I have to give into the fee..if it's not active..

I'm so insecure sometimes..but that's another post altogether...

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