Friday, September 19, 2008

Pictures and news

Last weekend , I went to the fun fair , and I was speechless with so much assault! I could hear the screams, the music of the games , the screeching of the games when they strained , voices of the kids that were playing and talking etc..and I was speechless with the panorama of the view I was seeing...I could see even the sea when I was on the ferrywheel! Whooooo!!

Here is the ferrywheel..terrific!!

I loved it , and I climbed almost everywhere..and I wondered if there is a similar thing in London , or if I ever will visit the fun fair of Athens..

In a previous post , I had promised some pictures...of my new!!!

Here I am !! does it suits me ?

On another note , I was not very pleased with my responses in the AVT training , as I was confusing a lot of things! I got pretty frustrated and I tried to the start of every session, takes me at least 15 mins to start 'listening' properly..even if I wore my CI all day..if I've worn my CI just 10-15 minutes before AVT , my response varies to 5-8's a bit distracting though , as I want to wear it all day...

I need to train harder!! And maybe I'm due for another mapping , so , next Friday I'll go in the hospital to monitor that..

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