Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cochlear Store US

Shouldn't there be an international Cochlear e-shop for at least the more trivial things like Koala bears , toy proccessors , stickers , coils batteries , etc?

I'm feeling a bit down..Greece doesnt offer 2nd implant..doesn't offer replacement proccessors..doesn't offer much at all..and one coil per x years , the x number depends at the brand of insurance you have..And the shop that has Cochlear products ( under a different name ) sells some of the products in double price..

and for the international CI users that they'd like to browse the US store there is a solution.Just paste the link of the US store..And voila!!

I was pushed from this post to look for a way to be able to see the US store..but , you can't buy from there.At least you are able to browse.

What you'd love from there ? I'd love the toy processor ( the kid I'm looking after is always taking off my proccessor to wear it herself..LOL! and she's hearing! ) just to have some peace..and the CI stickers..and the rechargeable batteries ( in pink please for some variation! )

I'm expecting some comments..


  1. Sadly its same for me in UK. there's no price list, no koala, no toys either! but We have to ask for it through the centre, I rather get them myself. Bit embarrassing for a 30 year old woman asking for koala!! LOL!, I want Mini BTE aswell!


  2. LOL! I asked for the Koala! and I got it! LOL!

  3. What about rechargeables Charlotte?aren't there accessible?