Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm not proud anymore..

I'm very frustrated with the current way that things are here in Greece.

Since CI , I wished I could move away from Greece..For the first time..I am ashamed to admit , that I am ashamed and disgusted and frustrated with the prices here.

Once upon I was proud.Proud of my country , of my heritage.Not anymore.

*rant ahead*

OK so I will vent it out!

After an conversation with CyborgQueen and seeing on other blogs what they are given , makes me feel like my portion was really measly. And it might seem childish at the very least , or ungrateful , as I'm thankful for CI .

Take for instance rechargeable Lithium - Ion batteries for CI.Most American citizens if they're implanted , receive them without much fuss.Two for each ear.They have the option to try either rechargeables or disposables. Some choose to use only the one or the other , or a mix as their schedules allow .

Well I don't.and seeing that I'm already in a strop for money as everything is expensive here , I thought to ask to the representative office that represents Cochlear ( it's another firm name here though ) for a price quoting for at least a rechargeable to use and have handy. It would sure come handy if I had it , last week had been an absolute nightmare and was rationing my CI use to see me end to end till next paycheck arrived!

Well the initial price in $$$ was brace yourselves now - $1,280 ( 1000 Euros for the European like me ) for just one measly battery , plus the charger etc!

ARE you kidding me?

I was already in a strop and instantly searched an online shop for at least seeing what the prices abroad are.Found one that quoted a price of $583 (455 Euros)for one battery again.

Much better. I was still a lot curious , so I plugged and logged to the american Cochlear Store and the price was $550(430 Euros ) for TWO batteries ,and I got still more stroppy.

All these without any shipping fee of course.

That sent me over the edge.I am jealous for any one living in the States.Or UK.Or generally abroad.

Greece is the heaven of all rip offs!!!

*end of rant*

well the rant hasn't helped a lot..I'm still green for Abbie , CyborgQueen and a lot of others.I know they're been having their own challenges to face..but sometimes from my perspective , I see that they have it easy.

They're doing bilaterals, granted , after sometimes of a battle.Here to do bilaterals u have to put everything in a loan or be filthily rich.No insurance even if u switch will do your 2nd implant.
Insurances pay for everything , even if after a fight.Mine doesn't . Others here are a little better , but they pay back usually a year or two late.lots of bureaucracy.and u can't switch , unless u switch jobs.and I'm still a dependant to my father's insurance.Brilliant.
The only advantage in Greece is that AVT/SLP sessions in private sector , are relatively cheap..I'm charged by the month , 8 visit per month , every month costs me $320 ( 250 euros ) , and I read in the States they are quoting per hour almost the same money!
They are given even a back up device , for each CI.Here we don't.I constantly live with worry and fright "What if I lose it? What if it fails? " It gets old fast! When it rains I always remove it.When I'm in the bus and see someone that could be a thief I remove it.Same when bus is too full.Same when I'm running to catch the bus.

Too much pressure for me.As if I hadn't already some to start with.

and to sound such more childish, I've been secretly wishing that I had a pink mic cover! LOL!

Sometimes I dream that I've found someone , and he's been an American , so we move there..And I wake with a smile..Till I get the next frustration with CI.But I love the way I hear.I love that in Tuesday , my mother has her name celebration , and as an surprise , will call her to wish her.It would be her biggest present so far.I love that I can hear as good as my brother.I love that I'm between silence and sound.

But it's also sometimes too much stress.Too much of a financial strain.I'd love to have lots of money to dish out for rechargeables , an backup device , an FM system with Smartlink SX.But I don't.I barely have the money to switch my glasses' frames , as the thick ones I have are bothering my scar , not to mention they're too weighty now that I've added CI.

It's a long post..Sorry for anyone that has to read that missive.But right now I feel my chest lighter.Better.

I just hope everyone else is just well.


  1. Wow! I've always thought my situation was pretty difficult - My mother is always on the phone battling with the insurance to approve stuff, but yours is even worse! Could you perhaps write a letter to the headquarters in Australia? I don't know how much it would help, but it's worth a try. Do you know any other CI users in Greece who are in a similar situation? Maybe you could set up an advocacy group? Everybody in the world deserves the same benefits.

    Just for curiosity - Is Greece part of the European Union? If so, could you work in another European country that offers better health care? I know that France's and Italy's health care is even better than US's as I know that all they have to do is just fill out a form and then, they're done!

  2. Hi Rachel.

    Yes since then I've been considering to move abroad and try my luck elsewhere.

    I haven't thought of that e-mail.As for the other CI user's , I don't have met much of them.Most are kids.

    And yes , Greece is part of EU , so I can move and try my luck elsewhere , probably UK .

    I wouldn't mind the battle with the insurance , as long as I had even the provisional pack you seem to have.But I don't have money for a lawyer , or battles take YEARS.