Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Battery Compartment issues!

Everyone that has CI made from Cochlear Corp. , knows that particular CI has an ridge round the battery compartment for easier removal.
But lately I had seen some drop in quality of sound.I thought I needed another mapping.

Perhaps not.

As I was chatting tonight with Greek friends on MSN , my nail had touched the particular ridge.Just touched.Suddenly CI turned off.No sound, no beeps , zilch , nada!
So I remove it and I watch for myself that tiny screen which is blank.Batteries were fresh , as of this morning.and they don't expire for a few days.Overcome with curiosity,( Yes , yes , I know , curiosity killed the cat supposedly ) I tinker with CI for awhile.Every time I put my nail, simply put it without pulling the compartment down , my CI just like that , blanked out! Opened it and tried it on..Definitely a decrease in performance there..

Hmm , so I go and find my Cochlear nifty bag , where I've put everything that is assiocated with CI, and I rummage around for the spare battery containers.I pull one and switch the batteries..and that time , however much is tinkered , my CI just stays turned on.As an added precaution , I switched the GoRex mic cover , and try it on ..

Ohhh yes , a definitive increase in performance and sound clarity.

And I wonder ...Are all of these battery compartments having these issues ? It is normal? How often other users have to switch them ? I'm five month and two weeks old , give or take a couple of days.What about mic covers?

Hmmm..there is a LOT of things that supposedly , did not know!

Or maybe I'm still thinking in HA terms...even if haven't worn my HA in the last six months.

What do YOU think? Please tell me! :D

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