Friday, August 14, 2009

Long Time No See...

I haven't written in that blog for SO long...Guess I've been off the blogworld for a while..

First I became addicted to FB , where I can directly post a question abt anything and I will get few replies right off.

Then I've been enjoying chatting online.My everyday companion is Laura.We talk about everything and nothing.I enjoy very much our chats.Also often if not everyday is Kara , another online companion , although now she doesn't log in as often as she used.Not to mention my favourite cousins , and two greek friends that we talk everynight.So I haven't been completely off the internet , I just wasn't inclined to post anything on here.

Not to mention that I was in vacation with our boat two or three times with my family , plus almost every other afternoon going for a swim and fishing with the boat , fishing calamari and whatnot.Ink stinks if it gets in your eye though.

I'm back at my home for two days now , and I'll leave for a camping weekend trip later today , and tomorrow is bank holiday here *smile*

After that it'll be the second half of August which I plan to spend with getting the apartment painted , install an AC for next year ( I've been melting from the heat here ) and do a few other odd jobs so the apartment will be in shape ship order for winter.Then it will be 7th September , the day that a certain someone will be visiting me for two weeks and we will tour here and other places to our best of knowledge.I can't wait for Rachel Chaikof to arrive her and to meet her in person , even if I have some doubts communication-wise.My written English is almost perfect , but I haven't spoke them in MY voice for at least a few years ( and that was pre-CI.Not to mention that I can't lipread English.For some reason I could HEAR it and speak perfect, Greek been another matter , I rely too much in lipreading ) .I hope we will both survive!If not , cell phones and notepads will be whipped out!

Plus , I've gotten to know another CI family in Greece , who want to know me and show them all the Freedom care n tips.We will meet up right after my camping trip , from which I'll be back on Sunday night or Monday morning.It's a little girl that reminds me so much of myself when I was a baby ( seen her in hosp appt , then her family emailed me without knowing I was the same person.LOL! )so I already have kind of a soft spot for her.

I also plan to visit some friends close by sooner than later , and I can't wait to see what the new school year will bring!

No news abt the CI , humidity is a big problem in my hometown , and seeing I was on a boat and in a swimsuit , I didn't wear it as much.

Next post on Monday hopefully I'll post some pics from summer..