Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Progress..or not?

Haven't posted for a while..

I've had a few problems with CI..Haven't been wearing it due to my implanted side face hurting because of the stupid wisdom tooth..And today that I wore it again after a long while , I discover that my tolerance levels are lower..Grrr lost progressions..

So now I'm back at Volume setting 1 and increase it slowly over the next few days..Hoping I will be again on track before my speech therapy starts!

But I love that I *can* hear the warning when battery is dying..I feel more secure knowing it! It annoyed me to no end when I couldn't even hear it and suddenly my CI died..But I wish the warning was more than three beeps before it went out cold! with HA had at least 2-3 hours beeping which was more often before it died out , giving me a lot of time to change it..There are situations , like at college , that I can't just afford to lose a word..so with HA , I usually changed when the teacher was not talking for a few minutes..

Any feedback?

I also have an extra battery holder..I always carry batteries with me , but if I have them pre-loaded and just change battery holders?would it affect the battery life considerably?

I've been using a bit of Rayovac batteries , and they're no worse than Powerone , although I feel with Powerone I have clearer sound..or it's maybe I'm back to square one? Who knows? I will keep a six-pack back and try it again when I'm up to gear..

I also had an CI moment..I heard the neighbor's phone ringing ( yes, the neighbor's , I actually live in a flat ) and thinking it was my phone , I run to see who it was..I still can't talk to the phone yet , but it's out of habit , and wanting to discover something new..

While I was back at my parents' place , we all went for a swim at the sea ( my parents have an fishing boat that also use for getaways ) but my mother insisted that I shouldn't get water at my ear , and made me wear an yellow plastic bag on my head , that removed my peripheral vision , and made me feel downright stupid...LOL..

Thank goodness that I don't live with them anymore..I love my folks to death..but they can be overbearing and overprotective..and since my activation..always annoying me to hell with sounds!

So , when I got back , I lived for a week with my lovely big brother! I *LOVE* him , and I like a lot his current steady girlfriend , we went together shopping and stuff!
The girlfriend also introduced me to literature that I loved!! Like Betsy the Vampire Queen (I've also started the Mermaid stuff of the same writer..Hilarious! ) , or Harry Dresden the Wizard( I also downloaded the TV adaptations) and Anita Blake the Vampire Slayer..I always had a liking for the different!Right now I'm eagerly anticipating the Brisingr from Christopher Paolini! My sweet brother , intoduced me to Bone Comics which I also enjoy and find a lot humorous!! I also continue with my avid reading of Harry Potter fanfiction at 3 - 4 sites and visiting other CI blogs regularly to take some ideas of what to expect..Most of the other CI users in Greece aren't going much public , and prefer to express themselves only to family , or some forums..Right now I'm a little bit jealous of most of the CI users I know through AD forum are bilateral..wish I could do it!!

A friend asked me over MSN what are my two top wishes...and they are..

1) to go BILATERAL!!
2) to get Kindle from Amazon...LOL!!(does it make apparent how much a bookworm am I?)
3) to get FM system..

Okay , they're three!! But they are my top of the top of wishes!!

I also am aware that a few of the blogs added me , and I will add them back here..when I'm not so sleepy!! ( it's late hereeeee )

So! Goodnight for the time being!!

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