Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sometimes I still miss my old steady Hearing Aid , or HA for short..

I have been wearing HA since almost a year old , it helped me me tremendously , and although I've had changed a lot of brands , the latest I had ( Widex Senso P ) was a digitalie and it was my companion for almost ten years straight from the moment I woke to the moment I went to bed..

I miss the feeling of the earmold..I still feel strange without it..But..no more ear infections!!

But I've been hearing for almost 3 months with CI and mostly I love it..Only problem is the morning jolt that makes me really grumpy..

I've tried the strategies the audie mapped..

First slot is ADRO which I used consistently , but it's very crisp..helps me when I'm driving , or am talking with a bit of people more than two or three..but I don't like it too much although I admit it helps me in some situations..B/c my parent's house is mostly marble floors and pretty large , makes a bit of an echoy sound.So no more ADRO till I go back to my apartment!

Second slot is Auto sensitive , LOVE it.Makes the morning jolt more bearable!I've been trying it the last few days ( hadn't thought of it before , as I'm used to digital aid with only one mapping , plenty changed for me , I still adjust! ) and so far , I love it!!Softens some sounds and focuses to others..Only problem that I find is that either with ADRO or Auto , I'm still annoyed with the damn clock!It's driving me bonkers!

Third slot is Focus..It'll be useful to college or too noisy situations but I haven't had cause to use it much, not even to noisy caff's for the reason that any map I use, I can't bear music..makes me feeling soooo breathless!!!I absolutely LOATHE it.. So when i'm at any caff I usually pop the coil off , or remove the CI altogether and focus on lipreading!

Fourth and last slot is Music , but I haven't used it much as I loathe it..Maybe at my third mapping appt will be some things be fixed up..

Also , it's very humid at my parents' place..The couple of times that I neglected to Dry and Store my CI had terrible sounds and loathed how it sounded!!Also , I've been here exactly 3 weeks , and the brik is almost depleted , give it another 2 days and it'll be thrown away..I can't believe it!

I can't wait to start again speech therapy , makes me feel like I am progressing!!

Oh and if I hear anyone talking , to any length of the house I always go in to investigate..May it be the back yard were mum has her washing line , or the front balcony where she talks with neighbors,or my family between them at any room , even with the door closed,or even the neighbors chatting at their own balcony..It's amusing to always see me pop up to investigate , although I can't do word discrimination yet..LOL!!

I also heard my father cutting a watermelon ( was a soft 'fss' sound ) and I was also chatting with him..and I had an CI watermelon moment..which was spoiled pretty quickly as he started making noises on purpose which I find REALLY annoying!

So , I still adjust and find it fabulous , except music..oh and the loads of people that meet up and after a chat to inform them of my CI , they believe that I was cured..Or they start to do noises on purpose to 'test' me like they have the rights to do it..they DON'T and it's my life , my CI and my limits!!


  1. YAY! English Blog! :-)

    Did your audiologist ever do NRT on you? It sounds like the maps are over your threshold, and you're sensitive to them.

    As for music - if you have heard or used to listening to music, you could have easier time, but for someone who don't really listen to music pre-CI, and wants to listen to it post-CI, it will be a little bit longer to understand.

    I found I really like ADRO and Autosensitivty for Music only. I prefer autosensitivity for everything else.

    hang in there. :-)

  2. Hello Cyborg!

    What's NRT?

    I was listening to music with HA..right now I still loath it..

    I will suggest it if he doesn't shuttles me off the door..with strangers , the first year , I'm really shy and more especially with men..and he's always rushing..

  3. http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/hsc/cochlear/cochlear_future.htm


    This is one of the situations where it sucks that there's only one audiologist that's available to you. :-( You know, there's 7 places you can go in Greece. Not sure exactly where you live, but if you really want to switch, you can go ahead. I don't know if they all have audiologists, but no harm into trying.

    Hang in there!

  4. I think I've done NRT..isn't the one he's testing you with tones thru his pc and CI is hooked up? and asking you if you've heard it ?

    Either way , he didn't tell me my score..

    He's the only one for northern Greece..If I have to switch I'll have to go to Athens, southern Greece..an 7 hour train trip either way! Although I 'm thinking of switching..I'm obliged and everything as he's made CI possible for me..BUT I don't like how he treats me sometimes ..he's kind but always rushing..