Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sound of Cochlear Implant

The title of the blog is a bit strange , isn't it ? :)

My favorite movie was Sound of Music , with the Von Trapp Family..All this sunny and musicy and singing always got into my heart , and their unique way of teaching something so pure , got into me..

So when I debated what would be the title , there was no dispute!! Sound of Music..Sound of Cochlear Implant..sounds kinda catchy , doesn't it?

Since activation day , I've been discovering that life has a new meaning with loads of sounds!

So I think that the title fits..Don't you ? I feel like an child explorer , always amazed , sometimes laughing , sometimes surprised, and sometimes too annoyed...

I wish that miracle will always be like new to me , that I always will feel like I have the biggest Christmas present at my lap!

1 comment:

  1. ah gotta LOVE the sound of music! :D when ever i hear do re mi i cant get it out my head for a few days.... lol