Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding and CI moments

Today was my cousin's wedding , and she's my favourite , always stood by me and we have a pretty good relationship! Her husband is very nice too and I like him a lot,he's the best my cousin would have!

The wedding ceremony was very romantic, and I had a couple CI moments..Once , while I admired the bride , someone sneezed and automatically thinking that was someone near me I automatically said the equivalent of 'Bless you' in Greek..Then after getting no reply I investigated , and she was three rows behind!!With my old aid I'd never had heard that..I also had my camera to shoot some pics and I always heard the shutter..I was amazed , especially after I realized I heard the shutter of the professional man's too!!

At the wedding reception I had a smashing time , was dancing the night away ( at some point I even removed my high heels LOL ) and talked to distant relatives and friends of family..a lot of people..The food was terrible though!!And it's the same at every wedding I've been!!
At first we danced Greek dances and such as I loved to dance generally , got straight away , but when we did modern numbers , even my brother got up for a couple dances! And sometime I was standing near an uncle and was trying to talk to him when the groom put his fingers in his mouth and whistled shrilly , and I had heard that!!

I was so amazed that I immediately told some relatives that knew what was my CI and they were impressed! Although a lot of them thought that the magnet was some sort of hairpin or hairdo to keep my hair off my face , it wasn't the main use of it..although it did help with it!!

Sadly , tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I'm going back to the real world..College duties , new mappings , AVT/speech training/therapy, and of course..paying the bills! *aighhh*

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