Thursday, February 5, 2009

My day..

My day with my new glasses couldn't have gone better..they're plastic and so light that I actually forgot that I had them on all the day..and I can see better ( my prescription had changed so I had to change the lenses too. ) , but the most important thing? they're very when u don't wear my CI is sitting right behind my ear.

with my old glasses CI was sitting on the shell of my ear , and were falling often.very often.If I bent down they were on the floor or in the air and I was making a wild grab for CI or glasses.Most of the time for both.I nearly had an accident with CI almost falling in the toilet..YUCK! But I didn't grab my glasses in time!

Yesterday I charged the brown battery , also I put a brown microphone protector , Dry'n'Store - ed my CI , and today I wore it from the time I was out..( habit I'd acquired as with my old glasses my ear got sore too quickly , now I have to break myself of it.. ) and battery 8 hours later is still going strong! I'm really impressed! will drain it to see how much juice actually it has! and to cap ear hasn't gone sore as much as other days..( well it has to heal a bit from days past..I estimate in a week I'll be good to go!! )

Also , at first I didn't like ADRO map much.I missed my HA..well guess what..I turned it to Auto , had it for almost a month, no problems! today I said..hmmm lets turn it back to ADRO..well guess what..I hear better with it , only problem is that cars are way too loud! oh well I'll get used to it..Auto seems better for when I'm somewhere that has too much noise..ADRO for other settings..I haven't used BEAM or music b/c I forgot to which slots they are in...( I do listen to music , just not as often as most do , since I've never heard much in music with HA , and I usually turn on the stereo on my pc! )

When I cooked , I always removed my CI..afraid of frying!! today , no problems..I was so busy cooking that I forgot of my precaution! when I set up to have my dinner..I realized..I still have CI on!

also Rechargeable versus Disposables ? big way the rechargeable..make CI feel lighter somehow...and saves money too..not to mention planet resources!

I'm happier these days..*whistle*

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  1. i have that problem with glasses too being a bit thick behind the ear and i cant wear both for long periods of time!