Saturday, January 10, 2009

Insurance in Greece..

Happy New Year!!

I have had neglected that blog..I have quite a few things to write about...

First of all , since Rachel saw this post , we have e-mailed online , and connected on Facebook..

And she posted that above entry , in her blog along with Robyn's story..

And I'm might help , it might not , but at least , it builds awareness!!

On other news ...

Well my particular post office that is in my area , started the proccess in receiving packages from abroad , a bit of a nightmare , to have me to wait at least a few days to receive it..ugh!! and I am wondering..are the few money I'm saving , really worth of all this hassle ? For the time being , I did not order the monthly package with the disposable batteries, as I quite dread the process..and I started rationing my CI use..I wear it only when I'm out and about..when I'm at home , I utilize lipreading.thankfully , Greek is one of the easiest languages to lipread.

Yes , insurance covers batteries , only by choice..some people in the same insurance don't cover them , some do...and seeing as my insurance is expiring soon , I decided it was not worth the hassle.

So I tried to reason with my parents to buy the rechargeables..well , that did not go down well..

They thought that since CI operation , all the costs would be more cut down.*sigh* and it was quite an awakening for them..We're in debate of a sorts about that..

But the best thing , post - CI , is my connecting with a few people..networking , either abroad or in Greece..

And I've met this Christmas , a mother of three adult sons , that wants to do an implant.she's in the proccess of approving. We talked a lot..and I hope her operation goes well!!!

And I've met in September a family , that implanted their boy..who just said this Christmas his first word! the most precious gift for his family..who are so thankful for me suggesting a bet AVT/SLP , and with who I've formed a good bond , and I want to know all about is so heartwarming to see them! We met again on the holidays , exchanged presents and we watched and interacted with the little boy.He's amazing..although his story is not...

And I correspond online sometimes with another family..

And I also wanted to expand on the previous post which I've linked. Since I re- read it at Rachel's blog , I wanted to clarify a few things..

First of all , my Cochlear Freedom box contained everything that is in the US boxes , EXCEPT the rechargeables and the charger OR even , second CI , heavens forbid!!, and also in the US box , they also have a 60-pack of disposables.My box contained only a six pack..oh , yes , your ears do not deceive you...I had to buy my own box for 100.729$ ( 75 euros )....

And also , the prices since last post have been jacked up in Greece..meanwhile , the prices fell down everywhere else , making the difference more higher. And I do not know how higher are they, since I haven't gone to the office that represents Cochlear here, to investigate , nor I want to...

So I buy the batteries for 73.8676$ ( 55 euros ) from an online shop...almost every month I have to plug it and pay..but since the post office debacle , I've started doing every two months , and rationing CI use..

Maybe the people that DO have money difficulties and are having even this one CI , SHOULD receive the rechargeables..regardless of the country..

Maybe Cochlear needs to see that every box is standartized , regardless of the country.maybe that way , there would be a lot less complaints.

So in's a bit frustrating!

but I want to thank Rachel for blogging the issue , and wanting to least , people interaction , helps advocating..

Did I say that the Internet is the most wonderful place for us CI people to connect ????

I hope you had a good holiday!!


  1. Wonderful blog! I am happy to have discovered it.

    Warmest thoughts to you!


  2. @ Dave you're welcome! I read your blog too , makes me think quite a lot of things..glad u like mine!

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