Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Odds and Ends

I just can't believe that summer is over..I had fabulous time that summer , and that made up for last summer too , I hadn't felt like that for two years...

This summer it helped me more than anything.My parents even did their part , instead of us bickering all the time ( mostly for the big stuff ) we decided to let them drop for few months and really enjoy some family time.Boy , did that help!

We went a boat trip to Samothrace three times , and I stayed to homebirth place too , to see friends and relatives.I even went camping on my own, to meet some friends was GREAT.

I returned to my apartment to fix bills , try to make the home presentable , and to look after Theo for few days.Right after week's old Theo stay , my parents came to stay and install the AC..Figures it would be installed on the first cold day of fall! I'm lucky like that! At least it'll be there for next summer..

In a few days I'm expecting a certain someone , and thanks to my dad , I'm in my sickbed , suffering an allergy attack which usually lasts a week, and add that up to exhaustion due to lack of proper sleep , and that adds up to someone pretty grumpy , getting hot and cold flashes , and a pretty annoying cough! ( Dad opened the porch doors wide at the living room , that's where I sleep when my parents come , to be as far away as I can be from their smoking , and because they get the double bed to sleep. and I was sleeping only in a nightie , which resulted in me getting a cold , which resulted to allergy attack , and frozen shoulders.Left one is still a bit sore , right is back to normal thank god! Thanks a bunch Dad for making me miserable even after forbidding you open up anything before I'm awake and properly dressed.NOT! )

I just hope that I'll feel better soon ( best case scenario I'm better by Saturday , but that's a long shot.Worst is Tuesday , but that's not acceptable either.So I hope by Monday morning to at least be up and running , the exhaustion is no joke!! )

I just can't wait to meet someone though!!! It's only FIVE days till I meet Rachel Chaikof , although I'm nervous that I'll be embarassed either from speaking mangled English , or letting my shyness overwhelm me and not speak at all.Or even bolt from the airport.Ha ha.The last just isn't going to happen , don't worry. But I'm worrying for the first two possiblities , but I'm going to brave it , and wing it.I will survive , and so she'll do , and I dare say she'll even thrive!

I rambled far enough , and I have to go back on my book...I'm reading breaking dawn , from Stephenie Meyer.It's good..Next on my list is a greek book , then I want to read something fantasy or sci fi too..but what? nothing too scary , but exciting , different.Any suggestions ?

I also am thinking of trying audiobooks in english soon , see if I can understand anything...but I got confused with the abridged and unabridged versions.Anyone can help me here?

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  1. Darling,
    Unabridged is for word to word as to the book. Abridged is shorter version of the book and includes music. It's best for you to start with unabridged, get kids book and tape/cd to start off. I have Harry potters and Roald Dahls so far i am doing Okay.

    Pst... money!

    Charlotte xxxx