Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seeing my country through someone's eyes.

As I wrote before , Rachel Chaikof came to see Greece , after Israel.

We've been walking , making friends , and most importantly , TOURING , and she shot countless pictures.We're yet to finish the touring ( which will culminate in Athens ) and today is a relaxing day.

Her pictures , and most importantly , her blog posts about Greece , make me see my country with different eyes.I still have the same perspective about my country , but I also find that I have different lenses to look through.

I love talking to her about everything and anything.I feel enriched. Oh , and she passed down some of her movie obsessions.But more than everything I feel like I'm slowly gaining another friend , another perspective in life , and most importantly , learning from her experience.

Last night when we were watching movies and talking until the small hours of the morning , although VERY tired from the previous day , I felt something that I could not identify at first.I felt content.

Life is so better when you try different things.

Oh and as a side note , my english comprehension is going up!!

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