Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A vote that led to unrelated things.

Greece has been in upheaval since Sept 4th when the ex-Prime Minister announced the start of elections.

The tv spouted election spots.Vote that one , this one etc.I always switched the tv channel when they got them on.Panelists were discussing about the wings that might win.Shouting was the proper word , but let's keep things civil here *grin*

The culmination was this weekend when voting was started.Voting stations are at schools , which finish the week a day early , so they can prepare the classrooms for votees.They remove all the desks , and keep only two - three for the voting leaflets ( yes we do it the old fashioned way ) and for the box were you put your envelope with your secret decision.

My family and I went on Sunday afternoon to vote.And that led to some other thoughts of mine , that are totally unrelated.

We went in to a school that was our assigned voting station, at the village that I am descended from my fathers' side.Me , my mother , my father and my brother.We found the classroom that we were supposed to vote in ( a few years ago , they were segegrated by sex.Now we're segegrated by alphabet letter our surnames start with. ) and the voting comitee that was looking in the books for names requested our ID's.And thats when I noticed I was hearing horribly.As I gave my ID card , I looked around the classroom.It was mostly empty except for three desks lined up.And the sound bounced everywhere.Plain white walls.Marble floors that cleaned up easily but were horrible for sound bouncing.Not much furniture.No carpet.

And after reading much blogs that had exactly that on their blogs, something clicked.I marveled that I was really struggling when I went to school.And I didn't knew that some factor had to do with the environment.Most of all the sound was a bit horrible.When it was my turn to vote I could hear from inside the curtain someone stamping some papers and it sounded 10 times more loud.I was glad to make my escape.W

But while I was taking my ride home , I suddenly realized that there ARE a lot of HOH and deaf kids across the country , and are really struggling here.The FM systems here are an unknown entity.And if they were known , the school system wouldn't provide them.The parents have to get them ( and it's not affordable thing ) and I wondered whether the FM system would help it or make worse the bouncing.Especially the ones that offer amplification to the whole class and are not personal like the Microlink from Phonak.

I'm eagerly waiting your thoughts.I'd love to try something or have someone try an amplification device in a similar setting and share his/her experience.Would it be okay? Would it be as horrible as I imagine ?

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