Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nucleus 5 and the Cochlear Store

I might be late but at first I wanted to make my own post when Nucleus 5 is going to be in Greece.

But I can't wait! *smile*

I want to place my musings on that..

- After some asking around ( I even asked Cochlear offices here by email and they didn't know anything about it , will ask my audie when I next see him ) I deduced that anything that gets approved at US will be two years down the line for Greece.Freedom has been in the market for US around to five or six years ( can't recall exactly ) and it got approved in Greece two years down the line.Maybe this one will be speedier ( I hope so ) but I won't hold my breath yet.

Oh ok , everyone knows that I am holding it.

Frankly - lighter processor ? with all the trouble I keep having with my Freedom for me is a reason alone to upgrade!

A remote control ? it gets better! I like being flexible and not having to remember all combinations of buttons for this and that ( I remember them yeah , but that is not the point ) and have instant troubleshooting.

LiteWear? that gets me even excited.Granted , it might not be for me ( I hope! )

Seperate cable coil and cable button ? Wow.Just even better.And the lengths are the same money!I peeked into Cochlear Store..they're all $95 regardless of the length! And the coil button - you can have just the one and change the lengths however you like.a definite plus as I utilise shoulderworn a lot.And these cables can easily be tucked away in a small pouch that I have for most cables ( mp3 , cell , etc )

The two battery option even has me hooked.Although there IS going to be a rechargeable sold and soon as it gets FDA approved it is going to be available

What was most dissapointing though was that there weren't much pictures.The only thing I managed to see was the Remote Assistant and the magnets for the coil ( they remind me of a clock by the way )

Also - the Freedom Cochlear Store has O-rings for sale for the rechargeable batteries and they are...a WHOPPING $2!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! My brown battery became useless a few days ago..and I put an O-ring from a battery cage I had lying around.

Greece , approve it already so I can start insurance authorization to get the new one...Yea , I'm impatient *grin*

I also need to shout out to Tammy who sent me some Topstick tape for free to try it out! She's the best!Thanks dear ,and do give a big kiss to Aiden!He is a precious!

*sigh* I am going to order some Freedom things I need and I wish it would be my last order..but it wont..

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  1. Will try get info on N5 next week when i do the cochlear advocacy training and send it out to u.

    Have tried the N5 three times... it's awesome and so light!!

    Not sure what you mean about cable coil/button is it similar as bog standard freedom coil/magnet. What is the heck is LiteWear??

    What Magnet are you using??