Monday, May 25, 2009

One Year CI


I've been absent the past week...

Been laptop broke , and also finals are approaching..

But I remembered something..I'm one year implanted on May 22th , and on the 26th I'll be one year hearing!!

Time sure flies fast...

I had said few months ago...that I couldn't see myself having my CI for years...

And now I'm concluding my first year seems so weird to just thinking that..

Sometimes I wonder how the 'older' hearing people with CI feel..I have one that has 15 years with CI and counting..another , twenty!!!

it seems so weird!!!!

I can't wait till September though..*wink*


  1. is the one with 15 yrs experience meeeee? :P hehe

  2. yeah ya are:P and u full well know it!

  3. Happy 1 year anniversary :)