Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weight Issues and pouches

Since I got my CI , the weight always seemed to be bothering me..

I had searched online..tried to find solutions..Read in AllDeaf forums about various wearing solutions...

1) SnugFits..huh , these weren't provided , and they seemed I decided to wait until someone let me tries his , before I spend money ...I read they weren't the most useful..
2) Babyworn option?Far more expensive , and I was a little sceptical as the length of that cord wasn't enough for me..So I decided to wait..

I determined that my glasses were too bulky..Bought new ones..the problem lessened somewhat..but the weight issue still bothered annoyed me...I wasn't wearing CI in the house..I wanted to give my ear some rest...

I bought rechargeable batteries..that helped a bit too..but not too much..ah , at least I was saving money , the disposables were burning a hole in my pocket each month...

Lotte's father , Cloggy as he is known on the blogosphere , he proposed long first I was very sceptical..and I did not had the money to acquire a long coil..and i had to sew my own pouches..and I'm hopeless into sewing a button , much less make something for me...So I kind of discarded that option...

Until I saw on AllDeaf people that wear long coils when they go to gym..or other activities..And I remembered , that summer is approaching , and I should find a see , I drive a motorbike..nothing too much , a little one..I help my dad sometimes in his boat...and we've lost enough cell phones in the depths of the sea enough times to remember to place them somewhere secure..and my CI never was secure..So I decided to look for a solution..

Around that time , popped Kylie , Alyssa's mother , she had her daughter , with long coils too for school , etc..and she sews beautiful pouches for them , not to mention with several wearing options..Alligator clip? Check! Safetypins?Check!

We talked about it online on Facebook..she decided to let me try she sent me two pouches , and an used long coil for free..along with other things...Thanks Kylie..

I received that , almost three weeks ago...

Since then it's been a weight off my mind..They work..Granted , i do wear it on the ear sometimes , but most of the day I'm with the long does works and helps a lot..See...

Earache? Mostly gone , I still have the odd twang..and no , I don't think it's anything nasty , it's just the scar probably bothering me now..I have other scars in other places , and most didn't stop bothering me at least until they were five years old..LOL!

Weight issue ? Resolved!

Also resolved issue , was my noisy hair..that noise , rustling from my hair..often drove me nuts..I was thinking maybe I will shave them!LOL!

Now my only thought is to get some pouches in light blue denim.And to get a new swimsuit for summer!! Oh , and the odd OtterBox of course, I will need it! LOL!

Kylie..a big Thanks is owed to you! So Thank You..and..Lissy..Thanks for the 'love' cheque , i have it in my drawer..I will cash it when I come to Down Under..

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