Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cha-Ching LG!

A little while before Christmas , I bought myself this phone

it was an early Christmas phone.Sadly , I noticed it did not had an 2.5 mm audio jack like my previous cell phone ( which also was an LG and also a slide phone I tend to gravitate to these as I can hear well on them )
I thought , no matter , I could use T- coil.well , it was awful.I heard a lot of interference.Tried on it own.Lots of noise.Crowd noise too a big turn off..so I rarely used it , mostly texted.I could hear when I was home , but when I was there , I preffered the landline obviously.

I missed my earhook.I had an earhook , not a HATIS , but a similar one.but there was not an suitable jack.So I started searching for an adaptor , always thinking I could get one.Lots of these on ebay.Somehow , I never got around into ordering one , postage was more expensive than the adaptor.

Until I saw this article. So I thought , hmm , lets try it.

After a bit of explaining and showing the aforementioned article to my friend that is also an electronics guy , he agreed to help me make one , for free.and anyway the spare part we'd need , wasn't going to cost more than 1 Euro.Maybe even less, and he told me to dug out the earbuds for hearing people and bring them to him so he would modify them.

So I did..Only..oops! Never noticed the earbuds..

Into their original packaging , they looked innocent enough...

Probably why I never opened the earbuds , why I set them aside...

I did it just now...

Hmmmm..what's that? Does it unplug? OMG! I never knew!!!Guess I need to check always EVERYTHING even when it's intended for hearing people.

Hmm..Cha-Ching! That was LG company , earning more points in my head.I already had the LG in high esteem for a number of reasons, the best reason , money spent , zero!

I added my PAC and also my CI ..there's , the final thing..

Time of assembly : 15 minutes , including initial shock and surprise.LOL!

Money spent : None.

I didn't test it yet , as it was quite late , and hadn't any 'victim' ready to test it.but I did ring 131 information for hearing the time , and I heard in Greek all the numbers!:P

More news tomorrow..watch for an editing to the post.

Cha-Ching , LG!You just made me FAR more devoted into buying your products!


  1. Hello Vivie!

    Thanks for the reference to my blog chapter about the CI-to-Phone cable modification. Looks like LG is ahead of me, LOL! This is pretty much what I did to make my cell work with the CI accessory cable. Way cool that you found your ear-buds "already modified" and ready to go!

    Cheers !


  2. That's a great way to sell ear buds when a phone needs a special adapter!

  3. @ Dan..Yeah , seems like it was way ahead you..but utilize the same for sidekick , and some will need the same for older phones.I looked into their site though..no reference to it!

    @ Sara, I did not buy the earbuds , they were into the cellphone box , and I never opened them , LOL! I brought them out only to get them modified as Dan suggested.To my great surprise , they were already modified!I was just open mouthed for at least five full minutes.LOL! after I got over my embarassment that I had overlooked that, I assembled it.hence the fifteen time assembly above..LOL!

    Called my family from the cell today , they were REALLY surprised to hear me :P LOL!