Sunday, January 3, 2010

I seem like I've fallen off the blogland..*sorry*

Lately I wasn't in a mood for writing , and I seem to prefer more FB'king or instant messaging over the internet..

So , first of all I want to wish you a happy TwentyTen.Another decade passed.Yikes!I feel a bit old now that I'm on the latter side of my twenties..

I've been also busy..

Braces : I got them put on , and they felt REALLY weird the first few days.Then one day I felt like I was wearing braces most of my life.Weird how adaptive the body is sometimes.They occasionally hurt a bit and I can't bite anything with my front teeth now , it is uncomfortable.Let's say I really remembered what is the purpose of a knife..Yeah , that's explanation enough!

I had a pretty decent time this Christmas , just relaxing and enjoying time with my family.I just wanted to spend time with family and relatives.I also am questioning the point of my impending trip to Athens, where I'll see some friends, but I'm not sure if I should go - I can afford it ,but I feel like I shouldn't go.

CI : Yesterday I noticed my long coil had stretched out and the cord was exposed to the elements.That isn't good , so I asked in FB.It still works , I just am worried about it stopping working suddenly as I'm depending on it 50% of the time( and 100% these holidays as I managed to sit on my nice pair of glasses.And broke them.Eek.I do have backup frames , but they're BULKY.The repair is going to burn a bit of a hole in my spending money.).

Maybe other CI users wear it on the ear only with maybe an earmold for not losing it , but I beg to differ.
After years of having earmolds in my ear I'm not keen on putting anything on my ear at all, and anyway I've seen a BIG improvement on my allergy/breathing issues since I ditched the hearing aid I was wearing on my implanted ear pre - CI, so I refuse point blank to get even a skeleton earmold.

So the long coil that Kylie and Lissy sent me for me it was a godsend - when I got it on early April I used to have earaches all the time from the weight , so I wore it exclusively and attempted to have it on my ear occassionaly to see if the pain had changed.Then I got thin wire glasses which were rimless so I started wearing it on the ear but when I was home I'd switch - but my mom wanted me to have at least the microphone part on my ear , so she got me a babyworn cord - which made a difference in making my life easier ( picking up the telephone , listening to my PAC etc ) but I didn't see any change in quality in quality of just is plain convenience I think.Changing the batteries from shoulderworn long coil CI is tricky to say the least.But my observation is that I feel safer that way when I'm doing chores , or when I'm driving my motorbike ( can anyone imagine the CI falling on the road and being driven upon ? Eek! ) or when I'm at my dad's boat..where I get wet with spray at my front and head...but the CI is quite protected at my shoulder most of the time.

My observations from wearing the babyworn are few but I'm left with some questions.

1) The Accu holder is BULKY.I'm starting to wonder how toddlers and babies tolerate it.I'm said that it's slimmed down with the N5.I solved this problem with putting the Accu into a pouch ( yeah , it was ideal ) and I reduced a LOT of the bulk.I can understand people wanting to just see the LCD screen , but for older children that still wear the babyworn I think is ideal.Also , it is made from plastic , which breaks often.Yes , you can replace it , but not everyone can afford it.

2) The babyworn is one fixed length only.That certainly puts me into wondering what was Cochlear thinking? I am aware they have bodyworn cord that is more lengthy , but they have a different controller for that - I like to be flexible.I like the ability that my small box I have stored everything in gives me so much freedom.I'm going to some nice do? I'll wear the full BTE for few hours.Going for some shopping or to college with my everyday clothes ? ( In winter I dress only with turtlenecks ) I'll put the babyworn and hide the Accu in my bra.And the brown cord tangles with my hair and most of it is hidden from the turtleneck anyway.Going for driving or doing chores?Or , even , wearing my old prescription glasses that don't leave any space for a CI on my ear? I'll put the long coil and put the BTE in the pouch.

Another observation that I didn't make on my own.I used to be hyped about the new N5 which is seeming to be better , but after reading a long post that said that essentially the N5 has the same weight with the Freedoms , I just was kind of put off after that.Not to mention of the kinks that were listed.What certainly got me interested was the remote control though.But I'm in a wait and see approach.

As for the rechargeable batteries...The one I got 11 months broke.Thankfully , CiShop said it was under warranty so it is going to replace it after I mail it in.I should have a new rechargeable in few weeks.And , thankfully , I have some spare disposables and battery cage with me.( Needless to say I had bought two rechargeable batteries so I still have the one , and when it dies I used to put the other , but now I have disposables in instead. )Apparently , the top grey prongs came apart from the main body of the rechargeable.

Plus , since having some of difficulties with my CI and not having everything on hand , I turned a small Strawberry Fruitcake coin purse in a CI purse for my own purposes.I can fit a six pack of disposables in the bottom ( with the top cardboard folded or cut though , a spare short coil , and my long coil , a battery cage for disposables , pouch with alligator clip and the cochlear battery holder with the spare rechargeable battery.Plus an microphone cover.That will cover almost any problem , and I don't have to "remember" anything.Oh and I have an EarGear too , although I don't use it anymore.

As for storing the CI when I'm out and want to store it somewhere ( VERY rare , but it happens sometimes )it goes in my sunglasses case.I just don't see the point of hauling around the bulky case that Cochlear gave me.

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