Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rain rain rain

Haven't written lately...

I've been a bit frustrated with my CI lately..

But since I changed in the higher , louder map ( the one that I avoided for a bit , since it was giving me headaches after 2 days ) I've been able to listen more!

Today , I really LOVED listening to the rain!
I also am able to hear the buzzers even if the buildings I'm out of , are in BUSY roads.That has me dancing in glee!
Yesterday , I had two very nice phone chats , one with my aunt , and one with my mom! I could understand a LOT was just a matter of letting my brain get used to the higher map , and after a couple of weeks I'm doing really well!

I've been busy , since I'm organizing a trip next week , and also another one , hopefully in February.

I'm off to hear my favourite song , and hear the patter patter of rain!

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