Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Some friends I see almost every day.I say good morning to them.We exchange pleasantries , smiles , how's you , small talk.

Some I was seeing every day when I was a lil kid.We still catch up from time , either when we visit each other , or via text , emails , to time.With some , I've lost contact , or have frozen our relationships.Childhood memories make me think of them as friends though.

Some I talk to them every day online.Commenting on each other's FB walls.Most of them I've almost never met them , except our online chats.Some I've met , some not , but I care for each of them.I'll think of them , even if they're at the other side of the globe.Or in far-flung corners.I don't care.Or in different time zones.We make it work out.

And there are friends , either here , or online , that really 'get' me , or me them.Some have a CI as me.Some have two.Some have none ,but they try to understand.

I have friends very near and dear of my heart.And I'm glad I have them.Because they're here.For me.Either in the same town , or in a far flung corner.

It's all that matters.

This post , is dedicated to all of you.We come from different walks of life , have different views , beliefs , values.Some are the same , some slightly different , but , we are working together to build this bridge that is called FRIENDSHIP.

My wish , that this bridge , from me to each one of you , never crumbles.Or to each from you , to your friends.But , never let it crumble if you can help it.
If you are reading it , sit back a moment , and think about your friends.and smile , revel in their caring and love for you , and in your caring and love for you.

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